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  1. Training for a dog who is going to be left starts with you leaving him alone, maybe 30 seconds and then return, act normally don’t swamp him with affection, gradually lengthen the time you are out of sight and each time you reappear, maybe speak to him but no over the top petting. It will take time, he has to get to understand that when you leave, you also return at some point, he should then relax. Remember you have taken a dog from his family and brought him to a place that is strange, you are strange, everything in it is new and strange and on top of that you started by locking him outside in yet another strange place. My husky was 6 when I got her, she took being left alone very badly, peed, pooed, opened all the rooms looking for us, sat on a chair by the window and looked for us, it was a hard lesson for both of us working out what to do. She’s fine with it now. She prefers outside, she will often stay out even if it rains but she has a shelter and we have a dog flap so she can come in if she chooses too. She isn’t a people dog particularly, she’s not affectionate much and she sure isn’t a guard dog of any sort, someone could empty the house and she’d just be stretched out in the garden lol. I hope you can help him settle in, far too many huskies seem to just be moved on because their owners had no idea how to manage them. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Oh my word, I could be reading about my Luna, taken in at 6 years old she was much as you describe your boy, she even looks like him and I’ve often wondered if she had Malamute in her too. We’ve had her 2.5 years and it took her a long time to settle, she’d lived in a family with at least 2 other huskies for a while then just the one. Her home environment was mostly the garden, I think only allowed in at night to sleep. I have just described her on another thread which you can read if you’re interested as I’m not going to type it all out again. give your dog time, Huskies are loyal, I don’t know how it’s ended up in a rescue but it will be pretty upset that its human is missing. I might sound as though I’m humanising a dog but maybe he’s just finding it difficult to trust, 6 is half way through a dog’s life after all, he may only have one owner before, I wonder if that was a man or woman, he’s unsure about who to do what for. I think he needs time, even now I feel that Luna isn’t as happy as I’d like her to be, she occasionally sits behind the side gate with her back to the rest of the house. I think your boy needs stability and you will have to wait it out, being there, never being cross, just offering him your love. I can’t forecast if that will be enough but you’re already trying to be there for him, just keep it up [emoji176] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. You sound as though you are trying hard but I’m wondering if you’re trying in the wrong direction? Is it just you and your boys and the dogs, no partner maybe? When we got Luna she was 6+ and had come from quite a chaotic household where she had another Husky for company. I had no idea about huskies and took her because I felt what I could offer had to be better than what she had. Within a couple of days I was ringing a rescue asking if they might take her. They suggested they could if I was desperate but they preferred new owners to keep their dog for at least six months. I persevered, in the first few weeks she had pooed and peed in every room if we went out, she could open every door just about. We left her outside one day when we went to shop and came back to find her inside, she had ripped out the cat flap until she could squeeze through the hole. Our front window was smeared with husky snot where she pressed her nose to the window. I never imagined she would react to her move that way, I was very naive. Looking back I realise I needed more guidance and possibly I should have invested in some training. She is walked twice a day, she has no idea how to play with humans, doesn’t play ball, doesn’t tug, won’t engage in food hide and seek etc. My thoughts in your situation would be to watch husky training videos or even just dog training, think about giving yourself a break by booking them into doggy day care once a week, maybe one at a time so you can spend time with each of them separately. You say their food is low protein, I’m not sure that is wise, dogs need protein and some fat, I also hope it isn’t kibble. Invest in some recreational bones to give them an interest, maybe think about feeding raw which is supposed to calm dogs down. Dogs like children need rules and boundaries and they need to know what’s acceptable. A month is no time at all for them to settle into a new home, you’re strange, the environment is strange and it’s no surprise they are restless and anxious, the one thing they can both relate to is you and you keep disappearing so naturally they want to know where you are. For the first 2 weeks we had Luna we just had her sleep in our bedroom, she never moved all night. One night she made it clear she didn’t actually want to sleep with us lol and now she sleeps wherever she chooses, often outside. She’s been with us 2 and a half years, she’s a really love dog and I don’t regret taking her in, she isn’t however particularly affectionate, she doesn’t ever approach us for interaction, we have to make all the effort. Even after all this time I think she is still settling in. It takes time, lots of it. First and foremost consider if you are prepared/are able to invest some time and or cash into your dogs in order to incorporate them into your family, you sound as though that’s what you want but if it’s not what you can offer you may need to rethink. Have a good look through this forum, there is lots of help and advice from seasoned husky owners, with some help and planning I’m sure you could turn this situation around and have yourself 2 family friendly huskies. I hope so. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. In my opinion there is no such thing as high quality kibble, some is definitely better than others but none of it is ideal. Biggest issue is protein content, owners say how much their dogs love it and will eat a lot if they could and that's down to them trying to eat enough to get the protein they need, instead they just get more fillers, the starches from sweet potato etc. if you won't feed raw try dehydrated raw, Nature's menu make one in their Country Hunter range. It's convenient to use as training snacks. The other issue is his change in circumstance, if he's lived somewhere for 7 months and then come to you the stress is enough to affect his bowel. How long that will last will be down to how long it takes him to settle to a new environment, a new human, his new diet etc etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. His bowel issue could be tied up with his stress levels, when we brought our Bengal kitten home despite being in one room with a lit tray, his bowels turned to water almost and he often couldn't make it to the lit tray. No recriminations or hard words just let him settle in. I imagine his food in the rescue wasn't the best, many mouths to feed so food is usually kibble. If you just swapped him straight to tinned or even raw his gut will need time to adjust. At 7 months he's developed into a shelter dog, lots of different faces, dogs coming and going, that's a very unsettling influence on a dog who would normally be bonding with one or two humans, one of whom would be pack leader. Try to take it slowly, routinely take him outside for toilet breaks, can you put a used puppy pad outside so the smell can prompt him? Lots of love and patience needed. He's had a rough start for such a young pup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Luna was a rehome from a rather chaotic household. There were originally 3 huskies, Luna was taken in when she was 5 months old and had been returned to the breeder, the owners had her brother already but had originally wanted Luna. I was asked by my daughter if I wanted to rehome her not long after we had to have our collie euthanised. When we went to collect her there was a house full of people, her brother Zeus and Luna were outside. They brought her in and she was not interested in the people at all, in fact she started licking the floor, she was 6 at the time. When I asked why she was licking the floor the owner said she didn’t know but it was the first time she’d been allowed into the lounge! I’ll be honest, I didn’t take to her at all but to me she seemed depressed, no interest in much at all. They wanted to rehome her because the owner was expecting her 7th child and also had a toddler. The toddler apparently had never met Luna so he was busy grabbing handfuls of her fur, she was totally ok with him though. I said I would take her, got outside and told my daughter the truth, I felt so sorry for her that I didn’t want to leave her there. We’ve had her 2.5 years, in the first few days I felt totally unable to keep her and contacted a rescue who said they would take her but they’d prefer if we kept her for 6 months. After a week, she wasn’t going anywhere [emoji174] She is one lovely dog, temperament is beautiful, never growls, very sociable with any dog, respects our cats and is no trouble at all. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, it’s taken a long time for her to really settle in and I’m still not sure we’re there yet. She isn’t a dog who comes for cuddles and she often spends many hours outside which upsets me a bit, I want her to be inside with us but I respect her choices. We nearly lost her last year when a bladder stone ruptured her bladder, she’s recovered so well [emoji4] Of the three dogs in that household, the first to be rehomed went to some dope of a woman, she ate a whole banana cake but they delayed taking her to the vet “because it was closed” and they found her deceased the next morning, just too tragic for words. The brother, an extremely handsome dog, began to bleed from his nose and ultimately they found something nasty up there, before they could decide what to do he had some sort of stroke and had to be euthanised, the couple were both heavy smokers [emoji3525] So all three have been through it and only Luna survives, for a lot longer we hope. She is a beautiful dog and is much admired when we’re out. I’ve never regretted taking her in. My all time favourite photo of her.
  7. He’s certainly cute, but he’s a puppy, he’s not always going to be so cute lol. If you’ve had a husky before you’ll know what’s coming ... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. This Luna. Luna is nearly 9. Luna has just had a 3 mile walk and we are nearly home. Luna doesn’t want to go home so Luna sits down in the middle of the lane and refuses to move. Huskies and stubbornness go together lol, you’ll have to get used to it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I think it is partly on topic in that diet in dogs is very important, it can affect their behaviour. Not so many people know that in the UK it is a legal requirement to feed an animal species appropriate food, so all those vegans and vegetarians feeding non meat meals to their dogs and cats could and should be prosecuted. I’ve heard it said that dogs fed on kibble can be over anxious and hyper, changed to raw had a beneficial effect. Bones aside, there is no way I would feed my pets kibble, this is a good piece of information - https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2020/04/27/dry-pet-food-extrusion.aspx?cid_source=petsnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20200427Z2&et_cid=DM521243&et_rid=859307980 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I’m so pleased you have got an appointment, a benign tumour it might be but it’s growing and to my non medical eyes it still looks wrong. I’m not going to worry you but my dog’s brother started having nose bleeds and was ultimately diagnosed with something unpleasant, he had been back and forth, maybe, to the vet, hard to know given his owners but still, the vets didn’t think it was anything to start with, then he had a stroke and was euthanised. I am hoping that your girl hasn’t got anything serious but quite honestly getting it looked at is always the most important first step, if it’s nothing then great, if it’s something then they can start to treat it. How I wonder do they decide over the phone if something is serious? I took Luna in when I knew she was sick and they still sent her home, albeit with pills. By the next day she was worse and if I hadn’t taken her straight back she wouldn’t be here, vets are not infallible. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Hi, thanks again. I have wondered about the Propalin, she was tried on hormones to start with but they didn’t have any effect on her incontinence. In the last couple of days I think we’ve made a little progress, she has come into the house, on to the settee where I spent quite a while grooming her which she always enjoys, made a point of going out and speaking to her when she’s been behind the gate and generally trying to make more contact with her. She’s started to come in again around mealtimes, has regained her spot under the honeysuckle in the patio area and is more responsive when we talk to her. I think we’ve a way to go, she still can’t play and I’m not sure she ever will. When this lockdown is over I’m planning to take her further afield to give her more to explore etc. in the hope that will also stimulate her. I tried hiding her treats under her blanket, so funny, clueless best describes it. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’m going to continue putting the effort in because as dogs go, she’s such a winner [emoji177] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Firstly, thank you for even considering a rescue over a puppy. That said there’s a lot in your post that suggests to me you’d need to increase your knowledge of huskies before you make a decision. Dried food is not a good food for any dog, home cooked chicken or other meat with veg. Is a better option but raw would be better. You will need the time to commit to him too, a fair bit of exercise at times when it’s not too hot so early morning late evening, time to be with him to allow the pair of you to bond and in an ideal world you wouldn’t be leaving him for hours on his own while you go to work. On the plus side whilst his lot is not a happy one, he physically doesn’t look too bad but the longer he stays there, tied to one place the worse his mental state is going to become. Is there not a rescue who would take him where you could get to know him before you make a final decision about whether or not to take him permanently? I hope you can work it out because I think your heart is in the right place, good luck with him. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks CF, I will keep trying but I think I’m also going to take her to the vet for a check over. We’ve had her 2 and a half years, if she was missing her brother then wouldn’t she have displayed this sooner? Unfortunately he had to be euthanised recently because a biopsy from his nose was not good news and then he had a stroke. Of the three litter mates Luna is the only one still with us and she very nearly wasn’t. I also wondered about whether the Propalin syrup might be causative, she has it for incontinence almost certainly caused by her surgery. Other than that she has been started on a joint supplement as she was limping slightly and the vet thought possible arthritis. Last night it poured and there was a thunderstorm with thunder and lightning, Luna stayed out in the pouring rain, she didn’t even look at me when I called her to come in. She has a shelter in the garden but didn’t use that and of course we have a dog flap so she could have come in but chose not to, unless she did after we went to bed. Here she is in her now regular position: I can’t tell you how upsetting I find this. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for your responses. Luna was rehomed at just over 6 years old, she’s now 8.5 yrs, she lived in a very busy household with 6 children of varying ages up to young adult and down to 18months, two other huskies until one was rehomed. Her owner was expecting her 7th child and felt she couldn’t cope with the dogs, her partner refused to get rid of “his” so she wanted a new home for Luna, the other dog was apparently Luna’s litter mate. I think the dogs had been quite neglected in one sense but as they had each other for company perhaps it wasn’t as bad as it might have been. In our household we are two older folks, 2 cats and a few hens. I am retired, my husband still works varying hours. We both walk Luna once a day. She was examined at the vet recently as part of a check up for a repeat script for her incontinence. The vet was the one who had a lot of input when Luna was so ill, she found Luna well, strong heart and yes, overweight. Since we’ve had her I’ve tried to engage her in play many times, as I mentioned, we have balls, tug toys, squeaky toys, I bought her a soft squeaky rabbit for her so to speak. She is very sociable, she likes and respects other dogs and will interact with them while we’re out and she’s off leash but she loses interest pretty quickly after an initial run round. She loves to dig and I’m happy to let her, she has no idea how to retrieve so I attempted to try and get her to do it, not interested. She will follow a ball but when she gets to it, she might pounce, but loses interest when it doesn’t fight back lol. As far as I can tell she is fit and healthy, she eats well, is always willing to go on walks, is nosy and busy when out, her poop is pretty typical of raw fed, she eats grass and there are no visible signs of anything wrong, the only concern I have is that she pants a lot while we’re out. What bothers me is this withdrawing from us, I thought she was making strides as she had started coming upstairs and sleeping on the landing sometimes, a big advance for her as she has never done that since we got her. Now though she screws herself into a ball behind the back gate and just lies there for hours, gets up and turns round but goes back down in the same place. She comes in at night after we’ve gone to bed and gets on the settee or chair and can be there when I come down, I’m happy to see her but if she’s on the floor she rolls away from me if I try to stroke her. I give her carrots occasionally, she loves them but generally I put them in her food whole. She gets bones too. She isn’t a dog who hangs around the kitchen at all. She was coming in at our mealtimes because hubby likes to give her the plates to lick, there’s seldom any food, she hasn’t been in for days now. I have been going outside and petting her and talking to her and I groom her from time to time which she seems to enjoy, she’s really not like any other dog I’ve had, 1 Old English and 2 border collies and a Jack Russell. I can’t make it out at all. I guess while she’s doing everything she should I’ll have to accept it because I’m not sure the vet would consider it necessary to see her given she’s not ill in any way and times being like they are. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. We've had Luna about two and a half years and we both love her. She's never been an affectionate dog, doesn't come for cuddles or to be petted. In all that time we've never shouted at her or raised our voices to her, never told her off for anything even when she killed 2 hens, just shown her love and kindness because she's a lovely dog who deserves it. Last year we nearly lost her when a bladder stone ruptured her bladder, worrying times, but she's right as rain now. That said I am concerned about her. We have a dog flap and she's always spent a lot of time outside, coming in around our meal times and in the evenings to sit in the lounge. In the last 3 months or so though she spends almost all her time outside, lying behind the garden door even in pouring rain and wind. She's walked twice a day and becomes very lively when she knows she's going out and while out is doing all the doggy things like sniffing, digging and being sociable with any she meets. When she comes back though, she lies down again, she won't engage at all if you speak to her and the only thing that she'll move for is food. I tried to get her to come in this morning because it's sunnier in our back garden but no, wouldn't budge. She's clearly a dog who has never been played with, I've tried to engage her to play with squeaky toys, tug ropes and a sort of frisbee, not interested. She will occasionally chase a ball but loses interest very quickly. I'm actually worried about her and find it upsetting but can huskies be like this, just so insular? Another thing I've mentioned before is her weight, I've cut back on portion size and have bought in ready made raw so I know exactly how much she gets, she's not a big fan and will eat some but leave some. No table scraps, no biscuits, 2 small Spirit treat sticks a day. Should I be worried? I'm sad for her that she just doesn't seem interested in being involved with us except for walks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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