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  1. There doesn’t seem to be much action on this forum anymore, I’d love to know how this owner got on with his rescue, whether he kept him or not. I still have Luna and she’s a lovely enough dog but has never turned into the owner loving dog I was hoping she might. She still spends nearly all her time outside even when it pours with rain, she won’t come in even if I call her, she could as there is the dog flap. We’re 4 years + into owning her and we both love her to bits, she has a wonderful calm demeanour and is very popular outside our home. I know she is attached to us, she just doesn’t show it in the same way as other more exuberant dogs might.
  2. I’ve no idea but he’s an absolute stunner.
  3. My first observation is that she is sitting awkwardly, she somehow looks a little hunched. Huskies love to run, if this has changed for her I’d have her checked over.
  4. We took in a 6 year old female, we had two cats. She was very interested in them, we also have hens, she was very interested in them too. Both cats chose their own way to cope with her attention, the older Maine Coon stood her ground, the Bengal ran away. All we did was to reinforce to the dog that these animals were not for chasing. Within several weeks both cats settled, the Bengal treats the dog as just something that also lives here, the nose together, he walks past without a care etc. The other cat was just the same, we no longer have her sadly. I suspect the relationship your dog has with cats will depend on how well you train her. Our dog still wants to chase other cats outside along with squirrels. She has never shown any aggression towards even tiny dogs, she treats them just as dogs. Most owners though see her coming and pick them up! I'd advise some good training material and stick with it.
  5. From a dried food point of view what's important is the protein content. Most dried food makers know full well that the protein content is inadequate so they suggest feeding larger amounts. The dried foods are bulked out with cereals and or rice and tend to be carb heavy, not good for dogs. I've heard owners say how their dogs love what they feed them and would eat more if they could. That's likely to be the dogs trying to get more protein by eating more dried food. It's really not ideal as a main/only food but if you must use it, please source one that is grain free and low carb. It will be a lot more expensive but surely you want to give your dog the best food you can? I'd also be throwing in a bit of raw too to help their gut 😉
  6. I hope it works. Maybe he’s just fed up with kibble, Huskies are pretty bright and know how to get their own way. Mine is fed on raw, she eats pretty much anything. She came to me at 6 years old having been reared on Butchers and mixer, I swapped her straight away, she’s more than happy, a few things took a bit of time for her to get used to but I now buy Jack Wolf frozen raw human grade food, she’s very happy with it and she has raw meat bones because she loves to chew so duck wings, chicken thighs, short ribs, pork spare ribs and oxtail. I also buy dried rabbits ears and bull willies lol, loves them too. Variety is the name of the game.
  7. Bin the kibble, try him on something really smelly, maybe sardines. Chicken broth would be good for him. Not eating issues are always a tricky one, I think we, as owners, become very worried when a pet doesn’t eat and try everything to coax them. My Maine Coon went off her food and she’s always been unfussy, I must have bought every brand going to encourage her, when she ate I was relieved. Sadly though the underlying problem was a lung tumour and as she was almost 13 the kindest thing was to let her go when she didn’t anything for nearly a week. I’m concerned about your dog not wanting food, it’s not usual, it may take a lot of investigation to find why he’s refusing food but if you try several different types, not kibble, and he’s still not showing interest then your vet needs to be more proactive. I’m not a fan of kibble at the best of time but if he’s not drinking either then kibble will dehydrate further. Have you a syringe you could use to syringe water into him?
  8. Maybe it would be better to say which to avoid! I’ve had 3 different insurers. The first was Animal Friends, 8 months after I took out the policy with cover for £6K, Luna had a bladder stone which nearly killed her as her bladder burst, she had sepsis and had to undergo surgery followed by 9 nights in the vets, lots of blood and urine tests, pile of medication to rival a pensioner and they also found a bone stuck in the side of her stomach. Of course I claimed and the larger part of the claim was refused due to a pre-existing condition! That was a reference to my having taken her to the vet when she was peeing a lot, vet gave antibiotics and suggested a urine sample to test, that didn’t happen. Insurers decided she’d had cystitis so the bladder stone was magically the product of that so they couldn’t pay out. They paid the cost of removing the bone lol. Anyway, after some strong communication from me they settled the whole bill, just under £6K. Renewal a couple of months later saw the price double to over £1K. I reinsured with Moreth>n. A year with no vet claims and at renewal they wanted almost double as Luna hit 8. So I moved from there to another insurer for another claim free year and yes, you guessed it, the premium almost doubled again. I tried a net search and found the same company with the same policy offered for around £550 so as that was a big saving on what they’d quoted me direct I tried to sign up for the policy but when I hit the send button to pay for it, it just wouldn’t go through so on again and this time I have a policy with Animal Friends, same £6K cover yet the premium, despite her now being 9, was less than I paid when I took the first policy with them 3 years ago! It’s a total con isn’t it! It’s a chore trying to find the best premium and if a company pops up with a too good to be true price, check them out on Trust Pilot.
  9. That’s so so sad, you must be so upset, it’s not at all the way taking in a puppy should go. Don’t blame yourself, you gave him the best chance you could, as first time puppy owners you can’t expect to get everything right, just like you don’t with your first child. The one thing I have found about vets is that despite all their training their diagnostic skills are often limited. It sounds as though you found at least 2 of them. I am not a vet and don’t have vet training but I can use the internet and looking at how you described his symptoms and how the symptoms of distemper are listed whilst there are a few similarities it doesn’t sound a clear cut case. According to Petmd the diagnosis for distemper is tissue samples and blood tests, were those done at the last vet you saw? If not how could he be sure? There is a picture of distemper teeth, they are all brown and stained, were his like this? Of course none of this makes any difference to the outcome and at the very least you have made the brave decision to end his suffering. Did you pay for this puppy? What is clear from the articles is that distemper is very infectious and you have a duty to inform whoever you got him from that that was his final diagnosis. You should also contact both previous vets, they should always practice infection control but they need to know they had a dog in their practise with distemper. I find it hard to believe they didn’t know your puppy was sick, there seem to be several stages to distemper, they couldn’t have missed them, if you paid, they sold you a sick dog, that is both unethical and wrong and I think you should ask for your money back. Who knows if they ddin’t have other dogs they were trying to move on? I’m as mad as hell on your behalf and that unlucky pup, I’d want someone’s skin for this!
  10. Your pup doesn’t sound right at all, it could be anything but have you checked him for ticks if you live or he lived in an area that has them? Some ticks can transmit some pretty bad things, worth looking. Here’s a link - https://coloradoticks.org/the-ticks/other-colorado-ticks/ This describes some of the symptoms of some tick bites - https://www.pestwiki.com/effects-ticks-dogs/ scroll down a bit, it had a funny header on my computer, the article is further down.
  11. Gutted for you, if you can’t get another husky, how about a smaller breed? Maybe one from a rescue to whom you can provide a loving home for the last years of its life? I’d have another dog like a shot as I think my husky would be better with company but my husband totally refuses to have any more pets. I can see it from his POV because even with the one we have it’s tied us down regarding impromptu visits and holidays largely I confess because I won’t kennel any dog because of the requirement for up to date shots. Maybe you could have him dog walked, that way he’d have company for a couple of hours a day once or twice a week? My daughter’s dog goes 3 times a week and they have about 7-8 dogs together and walk for several hours. I know not all dog walkers do that but there might be one locally if you look. It’s not so cheap but still better than having to part with a dog you obviously love. I hope you find a decent home for him, if you really can’t keep him, please consider a husky rescue over your local dogs home etc. They at least understand the breed.
  12. Your pup has a lot of learning to do, liking you probably isn’t top of his list just yet. It takes time to bond and as Wolfpup said you don’t know his back story. I rehomed a husky 3 years ago when she was 6. She is not a dog who comes for or looks for affection, for her to stay in the same room as us is a bonus, apart from her pong, she is either outside or in the dining room. It makes me sad to think she clearly doesn’t need us, nor has she any idea how to play, she just about runs after a ball but once she catches it and realises it isn’t alive or edible she loses interest. She has lovely nature and a huge local fan club who all think she is beautiful so I just have to be content with basking in reflected glory.
  13. Maybe where you’re walking her is an issue? She’s 11 weeks, maybe too much noise or nothing interesting, it’s tricky trying to guess. If you have a garden maybe just try playing with her for exercise and leave walking her outside until she’s more familiar with surroundings etc. Husky pups are unbelievably cute so if you’re out and walking her, are you frequently stopped by onlookers desperate to pet her?
  14. I find this interesting because Luna has gone through something similar. She’s always like being outdoors and she’s not really a people person dog but we realised she was spending more and more time outside, she too was lying in the pouring rain and totally refused to come in on just about every occasion, she would lift her head if she heard her name then just lie down and ignore us. She also started lying down closer and closer to the side gate, her nose almost under the gap, not trying to get out but it looked as though she was trying to get as far from us as possible. I found it very upsetting, she’d come in to eat and then go straight back out and was out all night as far as I could tell. Like you I started wondering about getting her a kennel. I thought she was depressed, still happy to go walks with either one of us though. I was advised to try more interaction with her, making specific effort to just go out and speak to her, pet her and I even brushed her. She never showed any sign of being unwell thankfully, still ate, although sometimes it was quite late before she came in to eat, no problems with bladder or bowels. This went on for a few weeks and I was on the point of taking her to the vet when she just seemed to turn the corner back again, bit by bit becoming the dog we’d had before. She’ll never be an attention seeking dog but I find she loves being groomed and will lie there for hours if she could, it seems to relax her. Nothing had changed here, we don’t have many visitors and in any case she’s a typical husky, Mr. Burglar could clear the house and she’s still be snoozing outside lol. Oddly though she will welcome family members when they visit even getting up and being almost interested! I can’t imagine what’s wrong with Mikey, I do hope he pulls round though because it’s upsetting when they isolate themselves like that. I don’t think I would try to prevent Luna from going outside if that’s what she wants, maybe a kennel might be a good idea but as someone pointed out to me, there’s no guarantee it would be used! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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