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Is Kotori Agouti?


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Ive been noticeing Kotori's coat colour changeing, when i got him he was more of a grey/brown colour on his body, but now he seems too be going different shades of brown, light, medium and dark, i was just looking up the Agouti colour and he seems to be more near that colour then anything else, his dad was a white and grey siberian, and his mum was a white german shepard, so im not sure where his colouring comes from, also another thing i have noticed, is that his eyes are brown but they also have a orange tinge to them, he had green eyes when i got him.

Here are 2 pic's of him, sorry if there not clear enough to see his colouring



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he does look agouti - http://www.huskycolors.com/agouti.html

or maybe even sable - http://www.huskycolors.com/sable.html

its hard to say until they are grown up really as they change so much - blaze was born grey n white - then went a really pale grey - now hes VERY dark grey/black

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You probably won't know until he's much older, my girl Zoey is considered an agouti, her hairs are banded and she has a cream undercoat instead of white. This is her:


She had a litter of puppies this past October, and one of her sons is dark also, but we won't know if he'll be agouti or a sable with a dirty face mask:



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