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  1. I think they do, especially Ares. They also put up with his shenanigans more then they would a normal dog lol. He’s constantly grooming Murdock and they sleep together all the time. We are very lucky to have him
  2. Hi everyone! It’s been a few years since I’ve been on so I’ll reintroduce myself. I’m Jennet, I live in Eau Claire, WI with my husband and our 4 Huskies and 2 Cats. Our pack started with Embry, who now will be 9 in October, Zoey turns 8 in 2 weeks, Ares is 6.5 and baby Murdock is 5.5 months. We recently added Murdock to our pack about a month ago now from a rescue in Minnesota. He is originally from Kentucky but was surrendered to a shelter there because his breeder couldn’t sell him do to a birth defect. Murdock is 100% blind and was born without eyes. He’s still a crazy Husky puppy so don’t feel sorry for him, he doesn’t even know he’s blind! In the last few years we picked up urban mushing and sledding. We just do it for fun though, no competing for us 😂 Hopefully Murdock will be able to participate in wheel in the fall, but we’ll see! Hopefully I’ll be able to have more time now that I am only working one job to be on here more often
  3. Zoey is the queen of being sassy lol I wanna see your Husky getting a bath!
  4. Zoey being ridiculous I want to see your Husky watching TV!
  5. Embry shaking hands with his dad I want to see your Husky catching a treat!
  6. my boyfriend and i with the pups in November
  7. i wanna see your husky talking!
  8. Zoey jumping out of the water Zoey by Arctic Blue Huskies, on Flickr
  9. under the bed i wanna see your husky sticking its tongue out!
  10. i wanna see something your husky destroyed!
  11. embry digging in water! i wanna see your husky standing on his/her back legs!
  12. embry shaking it! i wanna see your husky playing an intense game of tug of war
  13. i agree, i love my kitty, he's such a sweetheart, and loves everyone and layes on my pillow (or face) every night and purrssss
  14. me and embry went to the dog park, as usual, but i decided to bring my camera for once (:
  15. HuskyCouture


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