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  1. I miss seeing pictures of Mickey....:(

  2. Cheyenne and Rodeo were off lead yesterday at this photoshoot we were doing. While they weren't running around they did very well with off lead control and direction to stay/sit/down. Everyone was very pleased and surprised at how well they behaved since they aren't "professional" photography/animal talent dogs at all. Training them to work off the leash and to recall is so important. But never would I ever take them to a field let them off lead and open them up. No way.
  3. I've used a lot of methods from this website, and have made whatever adjustments along the way to fit my individual dogs. There's a lot of information and techniques on the website. They also really like "hide and seek."
  4. I think what we all need to see is to train a Siberian to be off lead is a much bigger ordeal compared to a Border Collie or German Shepherd. Whilst for them practicing recall in the traditional sense often is "enough," with a Siberian there is a whole other equation to work with. If you plan to train your Siberian to be off-lead, it's going to be a serious process which you must be committed to working with daily and always reconditioning and proofing. The fact is- for most owners this is not practical. I am totally fine with just letting them off at parks and other enclosed areas. We practice recall daily and I train it using their prey drive, but I do not practice it and reinforce it to the point of which I am comfortable letting them off the lead when there isn't a fence. That's not because i'm lazy or because I think they're incapable... I just don't have the need to put that much effort into having an off-leash Siberian. It doesn't matter that much. I have called them off of a flock of birds, ducks, and squirrels so it's there if I need it. For those of you who have not put as much effort into your off-leash Siberian as Bec has described- you are doing an injustice to your dog. And what you're doing is dangerous.
  5. Myself and my younger brother at his high school graduation in June.
  6. I think someone from Yahoo! Answers told me about this site when I had first just gotten Mickey.
  7. http://www.huskycamp.com/manual.htm This is a good site for people thinking about a Husky. Or who stumbled upon owning one!
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