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  1. HI all- Haven't been around much lately... Don't even remember the last time I posted anymore! Just thought I would share this with the Husky community since we know the struggles of dealing with smaller dogs and our big goofy chasey dogs all the time http://sixdogblog.com/2014/08/11/how-to-piss-people-off-who-have-dogs-when-you-have-a-small-dog-or-a-rude-dog-or-if-youre-just-a-jerk/
  2. I miss seeing pictures of Mickey....:(

  3. I wouldn't recommend the furminator, that often if at all... For shedding we do a big brushing, warm bath and work through the fur with the zoom groom, blow dry with the HV drier, and then rotate undercoat rake with a slicker brush. That is the most effective way to "de-shed" them by far that i've found. I only use the furminator on a few of mine who's fur is shorter in places (such as Odins back legs.) Otherwise I feel it is too harsh and cuts at the fur.
  4. Premades are way overpriced! Thankfully i've found a company who sells grinds that we now use making it easier (storage wise) for us and costs so much less than Rodeos premades were! $60/week for him was INSANE!
  5. Raw food requires more interaction with the food than kibble or tinned food does. I like to think of it as another level of eating. My dogs don't care if I need to mess with their food (either getting something away from them or adding things in there) but Odin has been the most difficult. What i've done is just the same as others have stated... Feeding him by hand one piece at a time has been the only way for us to work at it. I would personally suggest NOT petting the dog while eating but simply being present and only providing a passive or positive interaction with the food. With Odin I used to hold his food and wouldn't mess with him any further than that. Piece by piece I would hold and let him eat, always asking him to be gentle. I did this non stop for a few months and when he would finish one piece I would wait for him to look to me before bringing out another. I'd ask him for a sit and then let him eat gently from my hand. Now- I sit on the floor with my dogs while they eat and just watch. He doesn't care anymore and if needed I could get food away from him. But I believe in letting the dogs have a peaceful as possible meal.
  6. Arooroomom

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    The last bit are so cute lol
  7. Will there be no more rep/likes/points to individual posts? Nice job
  8. Lovely! What is the theme? I didn't go to my prom but I went with an ex-boyfriend to his prom 2 years before. My dress was hideous. LOL!
  9. A raw diet, vitamin e cream, and omega 3 fish oils are a good base work for regrowing a coat. Odin was shaved down when I got him and we have been working on growing it back for these past 18 months or so. How old is your pup? You can also try coconut oil on the skin/coat as well as orally. Brushing will help stimulate the hair folicules so it's good to brush as often as you can. I'm sure there will be some scarring, can't help that. But to minimize it you're doing all the right things.
  10. Rodeo is a nutter compared to the others. Personally I have a theory that the red dogs are crazier.. Lol! Malamutes are more subdued than Sibes.
  11. Or overstimulation. Playing tug is a very stimulating game and to have Keyu add more "excitement" or stimuli could have put him over threshold. Same with coming home. All the dogs getting excited and stimulated all around him coupled with his own stimulation or excitement from seeing you. Or it could be you and the OH he's guarding. Or a combination. Or could be something with Keyu as she's the youngest isn't she? Is she the only one in your own pack he's attacks like this? Either way, good luck.
  12. I work in Autism behavioral therapy. Every session I have with my client are recorded and can be viewed by the parents or my supervisor. Working with Autistic children is very challenging and tiring, it's a lot of effort on your part. You know right away if it's something you can hack or not. Truthfully these schools don't do much for these kids because they need such personal and individual direction... It seems like this is a regular public school with a separate class for Autistic children or children with learning disabilities. If I had an autistic child i'd send them to a private school where class size is contained as well as place them in an after school one-on-one behavioral therapy. It's a real shame. Because these teachers don't know how much work they're ruining with these kids.
  13. Depending on how far the tooth is chipped down would determine if it needs to come out or not. If its chipped down so the nerve is at or nearly exposed.. It will need to come out. The undescended testicle will cause problems and the dog will need to be neutered and have it removed. Since its not descended it can't rise and fall with temperature like a normal descended one can which can cause irregularity with the hormones produced in it and in many causes can lead to cancer.
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