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Fur loss in Tail


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22 minutes ago, 2Huskyfun said:

Do you have pictures? 
Is it because he chews it? I used Bitter apple spray. For most dogs Apple cider vinegar would deter them from chewing and is great for keeping hot spots from getting infected. (My pups love the taste and would lick each other)🤣

Took my boy a year to grow his tail back

I don’t think she’s chewing it. She doesn’t really chew anything other than her toys. We will probably take her to the vet to see what’s going on with her tail. It just started like a week ago and she only had one chunk gone but now there’s two chunks gone. 

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Definitely let use know what the vet says. 

I believe food allergies can cause that but just in one area is strange. What about a spider bite or something? I would think she would itch/chew at that.?. 
Whenever they had to be shaved for a procedure or if another dog pulled chunks of their tail out during play it would take forever  to grow his hair back. 

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I have a 7 year old husky and I know that she doesn’t chew her tail hair off but it is now getting quite thin. She has had a thin tail since 3 years old. We don’t leave her alone. Maybe 2x a month which are quick. I changed her diet 2 years ago, and I make her healthy food, and have gone through the elimination process to find if there was a possible food allergy, but still have not figured what is going on. If anyone has had results from anything in particular, please share!! 

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