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  1. No she is not biting his tail. He is the dominant one of the two and is 20 lbs bigger than her. We have checked everywhere and cannot find it We are taking him to the vet tomorrow to get him checked out.
  2. I got home from work and took him out and I did not notice him at all.  He is blowing his coat right now but we brush them once a week when they are. He is crated from 9-3 but on my hour break he is let outside for the entire time.  Today at lunch I did not notice it.  I didnt even notice it until I bought him back in from letting him out after work.  I checked his stomach for fleas or ticks and not see any at all.  I even got a jeweler's loupe and looked. So honestly it looked like it happened only when I brought him outside.  He was outside for about 30 minutes.  He does not get nervous when we leave, we broke both of our dogs of the early by freezing peanut butter and putting it in Kongs and giving that to them after every time we left the house.  That broke them very quickly.  When we leave he just lays down and acts fine.  He is fed Wellness Puppy Diet, the same food he has been fed all his life.  Our older female gets fed wellness core and went from wellness puppy to wellness core for her entire life too.  He is still very active and acts himself.  We are so worried  Also will it grow back like normal if he has been chewing on it or if something happened to it? I called my vet but they did not answer so that is why I am turning to the internet. My female is 3 years old and my male is 9 months and they get along great. They are kept in separate crates during the day of course.
  3. My huskie is losing fur in its tail, I checked all around the house and outside and could not find any hair anywhere. I know to take him to the vet but I wanted to get opinions first. He is on flee and tick meds so I know that is not why. He is 9 months old. Here are some pictures! Please help!
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