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I lost my beautiful female 14 year old Alaskan Malamute April 7.  I asked her after she passed if she wants me to have someone else to send it to me.  On April 19 I met a person who had a Siberian Husky who the previous owner let the brother and sister play in the street, they are three months old.  The person who sold her to me ended up buying the brother and sister, I bought the sister because I cannot handle having a black and white Husky because my Alaskan Malamute was that color and I just cannot.  I have had her know for two days and at first she cowered when I went to pet her and whined all night in her crate.  After two days she is doing pretty good, she is my only pet.  I do have a question, what color/s should I put down for her.  She is white but has some red on her.  I have never heard of white and red, I have heard of red and white.  Her name is Kaia Yuki.



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Welcome to the forum   -  one of my huskies is black and white  - the other is white with a tinge of red just like your pup  - around the ears and neck and again at the base of the tail.


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