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Husky stopped shedding - should I be worried?


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So we've had our girl for about 3 years now, she is about 10 years old. She has always moulted loads throughout the year but over the last few months we've noticed she has stopped shedding. As in, hardly any fur on the floor at all.

Is this something I should be worried about or is it natural at her age?

Thanks x

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It's normal, dont worry. Trying to track a huskies pattern of blowing their coats is similar to trying to predict the correct lottery numbers, and guess which lottery they are going to come out on. Be sure to reply here so we can laugh when you get the inevitable bit blow we all get :D LOL

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Marley  (a long haired husky) did not shed his coat for 4 years  -  I bathed him in the spring and he started shedding the very next day   -  he is getting another bath next month !!

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Interesting! My husky is like a cat - there's no way she'll let me bath or shower her. She steps around puddles and I actually think she's scared of water on her coat - except on walks in the rain which she doesn't seem to mind. But get a bucket out and she's gone! I struggle to even clean her paws with water when she gets a bit dirty.

The joys of having a husky!

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Our guy has a pattern where he sheds bagfuls of fur for a couple of months. I can pull out fur by the handful. (My husband calls it the "Fur-pocalypse." 🙂

Then, nothing for a few months.
House stays bare and clean, no fur in vacuum cleaner.

Then it will start up again in a few more months.

So he's in the twice-a-year coat blow pattern. Maybe your girl is changing to that pattern and you are in between Blows? Enjoy it while it lasts!!! 

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