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Husky Camp 2021


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OK guys, I know quite a few of you have been asking about next years dates for camp. The reality is, even though I know things are opening more, it doesn't actually put us in any better situation than we were in when I last posted. The rules that affect us have not changed in any way, and are not likely to any time soon. The reality is, we are still a group. We're not 2/3 people going on holiday somewhere.

So with the above said, I'm going to post what the dates would be if it were to go ahead, but you need to read all of this before you decide on whether or not you want to book.


Wales rules - https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance#section-39241

  1. You cannot socialise in groups of more than 30 people - If you do decide on booking camp, there will be a topic on this as always. You need to post up if you are going. This is highly important, as its up to everyone to ensure there is not a group of more than 30 people. If there is, you would almost certainly be asked to leave, and you can be prosecuted here. Husky owners as a site will acting as no more than a reference point as to how many people are at camp. We are not assuming responsibility for this in any way, as we would be prosecuted for it (and people have).
  2. Even within the above, you must maintain social distance when people are not within your "extended household" - Unlike in England, this is still 2 meters. That means every person at camp has to be 2 meters away from any other group of people at all times. If there are walks etc, this has to be done. Therefore:
     - night time camp is a complete no. There will be no booked pitch unless the rules change dramatically
    - Meals out as a group are a complete no. Quite simply, there is nowhere that would be able to accommodate even 6-7 of us distanced, because of how they have to operate.

    This isn't what we are deciding, its what the welsh rules are. Its not that we don't want to, its that we are not allowed. On top of this, the camp will enforce it, as if they are seen not to they can be shut down.


I completely get that people are looking around and going "Yes, but things are opening, and it isnt that bad for doing things now" etc etc. However please think firstly in terms of large gatherings, and not in terms of a family. And also, people who have spoken to me so far seem to miss that we are not in England, we're in Wales. The rules are different here. In particular the grouping of people and the distances away from each other still being 2 meters.

Also bear in mind, there is no guarentee on what things will be like in any way. Bolton this morning is pretty much back to lockdown. Most of northern England have restrictions. Caerphilly is in local lockdown. Areas of Scotland are in localised lockdowns. This thing, as much as we want it to, hasnt gone away. We're a holiday resort down here. While we're pretty low on the scale at the moment, people move in and out of here all the time. We could quite easily find ourselves in the same position next year, as we are this year.


The dates for next years camp would have been 7th May to 14th May 2021. Feel free to book if you wish with the above in mind. Please do bear in mind that Sarah and myself will not be booking a caravan this year, but we will be around at times. 

I will post up a topic for people to post in if they book later today. Then we can keep track of numbers.



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We as it stands right now  are not booking anything to do with camp as it took me 90 days to get moneys back this year and I feel the way things are going we could well find us in the same boat again, having said that I'll come down to see whoever visits but only doing it from here and not staying which when I think about it makes more sense seen as it only takes one of us to drive back and forth.

Them that are worried about booking vans there really is no need to rush it's a quite week when we go and so long it's it's booked the month before I can't see them being booked up. 

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For us...it depends on brexit deal or no deal need to see if 🇬🇧 becomes preferred or not one is it all stays the same the other needs 4 months of pre-planning stuff...

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We want to go next year, however we're going to wait until a couple of months before the date to see if Wales relaxes some of the lockdown rules. 

We will just have see what the conditions are in early April.

This year is the first year in 10 years we haven't been to Husky Camp.

When the conditions are safe, we'll be back. . . . We miss you guys.

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Less than 24 hours and things are already changing. Had the change in rules to only 6 people being allowed to gather been in Wales, and in May, we would be screwed. This is why we've been reluctant to add dates. It's only 6 months away. 

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Shit I was just going to post this I knew I should of done it earlier lol 

3 hours ago, Marc said:

Less than 24 hours and things are already changing. Had the change in rules to only 6 people being allowed to gather been in Wales, and in May, we would be screwed. This is why we've been reluctant to add dates. It's only 6 months away. 



😆😆 be great being in bed for 10 pm because of the curfew 😆😆

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And that would be Wales now done the same. Except in Wales the rule is 



From September 14, a new limit of six people will be introduced on the number of people who can meet indoors at any one time. All six must belong to the same extended household group.

As none of us are in the same extended household group, it actually means none of us can meet up. This is why I said I wasnt announcing camp in any way until this lot was all over. Had I done a full announcement on the normal camp, and started organizing everything, it would have been broken in less than a week. Camp will not refund you unless they physically have to close, and at the moment they dont. So please please bear that in mind.


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Just as another update here, as I'm still being asked about camp.


Since this was originally posted, we have got from up to 30 people being allowed to meet outdoors, down to not being able to meet anyone outside your own household in the area where camp is, nobody from outside the area even being allowed into this area, and the camp site itself I believe is closed. 

I wont post anything else on this now unless anyone asks again, but needless to say, this is why no camp is happening until all this is over. I know you guys want it on, and so do I. But we have no option at all.

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Let me break down the last post from Marc which was comprehensive and info filled.

Wales is shut (again) even for those with Non-EU passports.

The camp site is shut, not sure if it ever reopened after last March's lockdown.

This time last year we were all booking for Husky camp and foreign holidays, All ended up cancelled.

This year May is too close to to even think there may be a Husky Camp, where we would be allowed to gather in Numbers.

We could be arrested and fined just for running camp breakfast.

While we call them FurKIDS we cant gather together as a husky childminding bubble.

So not much chance of there being a Husky Camp this year either.


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