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Hey All, 

I am a new husky mama located in Nashville Tennessee and I am needing some advice from you all that have more experience with caring for your pup. Blaze is currently 4 days old and I will be welcoming him into my home on June 26th. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I wanted her to have a forever fur friend she can grow up with. I am going to consider him my son and her little brother lol. I chose a husky because of their loyalty. I wanted a dog that would be a great companion for me and my daughter. I decided to get a puppy so I can watch him grow up to be the majestic dog I know he will be. Before he arrives, do you have any advice for me? I want to make sure I am aware and prepared of what it takes to be a husky mama. Any advice on what to have before he gets here, crate training, exercising tips ect. Are there any neighbors in Nashville Tennessee that can meet up for play dates. Please feel free to express all of your pros and cons for huskies I am all in and excited to be a part of this forum. I have attached Blaze's first picture since his debut on 05/08/2020. Can't wait to have this little guy in my home. :) 


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Welcome to the forum.     Firstly I would ask if it is possible to leave Blaze with his mum  for at least one more week.     I worked out that he will be 7 weeks old when you get him   - which is too soon to be leaving his mum.     Preferably 12 weeks is the best age, but 8 weeks is the minimum   -  they learn so much from siblings and their mum from  8 - 12 weeks   -  one of the main things being  bite inhibition from their siblings.     My boy in the picture was 12 weeks old when I got him   - and I am his 4th 'owner' !    He was taken from mum too early and did not have any bite inhibition and it took months and months to teach him not to bite.

I cannot help with crate training  as I do not use them  -  but quite a few on here do  so hopefully someone will be able to help you.   As for exercising   -   5 minutes for every month they are old  -  so a 3 month old will only need a maximum of 15 minute exercise a couple of times a day.    It is very important not to over exercise them as it can lead to damaged joints.

I would not describe huskies as particularly  'loyal'  -  once your pup gets to maturity he will escape whenever he can  -   you will need a minimum of 6ft fencing  -  he will find any weaknesses in your perimeter and will test them constantly.    Its not that he does not love you   -  but he loves exploring and running much, much more.     98% of huskies LOVE people, any people,  they would welcome a burglar into your home like a long lost friend   - so do not think they would guard your home, you would be mistaken.     Whilst he is still a puppy and into his teenage years keep reinforcing the recall,  -  then when he is older you might stand a chance of getting him back if (and when) he does get loose.   If my two boys are anything to go by   -  they have no road sense whatsoever.

Never, never, never let him off lead  -  unless you are in a very secure exercise area  with at least 6ft fencing.   Whilst he is still young he will come back to you  -  but as he gets older  he will come back to you maybe 9 times out of 10  ...........................  its the 10th time you need to worry about.    They have the strongest prey-drive of any domesticated dog  -  you need to take that seriously   -  small furries (cats,  small dogs, rabbits, chickens, sheep etc)  are not safe around a mature husky.     One of my dogs lives quite happily with my cat   -  the other will kill him at his first opportunity.

They  have a  "what's in it for me"  attitude,  will think about an instruction and if they don't want to do it   -  they won't.    They must see some benefit in it for them.

Having said all that,  they are wonderful companions,   unlike any other breed, no-one on this site would have any other dog I believe.    My two (both rescues) are totally different in almost every way, but each endearing to the extreme,  a constant challenge, true,   but worth every second.

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