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Found 20 results

  1. Hi there! I just got my husky pups three weeks ago. One of them is 3 months old (the other just 2 months) and I just started taking her out on walks. But it is always a struggle that she keeps on jumping around and pulling on the leash. I stop walking everytime she does that but I don't think she gets it. Also, she is always distracted with a lot of things at home. She rarely comes when called. I would like to train her outside her crate but she is just so distracted. What do I do to stop her pulling on the leash during walks? And how do I get her attention so we could train?
  2. Hey All, I am a new husky mama located in Nashville Tennessee and I am needing some advice from you all that have more experience with caring for your pup. Blaze is currently 4 days old and I will be welcoming him into my home on June 26th. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I wanted her to have a forever fur friend she can grow up with. I am going to consider him my son and her little brother lol. I chose a husky because of their loyalty. I wanted a dog that would be a great companion for me and my daughter. I decided to get a puppy so I can watch him grow up to be the majestic dog I kno
  3. Hey my names devin im new to owning my own husky and have a 9 week old husky with a bit of akita in her. So far she's a great dog listen well takes to training pretty good and even love our one cat. But we are having issues with nipping and peeing every to she goes in to a new room. Tho she is young and just started her training and nothing change over night. Now i have read alot in to training and watched some videos but im always up for hearing from other people. As of now her routine is wake up at 5AM to go pee and for a walk around the block( will be long when she's older), then gets half
  4. Hello all! I'm adopting my first husky puppy (she will be 8 weeks) and have a few questions about training! 1) I live in a large family that includes my husband's dad and grandparents, so while my husband and I may not be home during the day, they will be. (I work 7 on/7off so mainly the 7 on part they'll be the biggest help). Would it be better to leave her by herself for awhile during the day or is it ok for her to be able to see them all day? I'm concerned she may became too dependent on us causing problems/separation anxiety leaving her alone for a few hours here and there when she's
  5. I have two Siberian husky brothers they are 9 months old and I cannot get them teained*. One ate through a wall. Any one have ideas on how to train litter mates
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Sapphire and I am from Texas. I have two beautiful husky puppies. I first had the one male, Zakai. About 16 weeks after I had Zakai I thought that he needed a playmate so he wont be so lonely when I'm away at school. So I brought home a 10 week female husky puppy named Periwinkle. Zakai loves to play with Periwinkle. But the problem is that whenever I try to play with him, he does not want to play with me! He would rather play with Periwinkle. After I exercise Zakai and Periwinkle I separate them so I can work with them individually to train. I try to train Zakai usi
  7. I use treats to train Maya, and it costs a fortune to buy dog treats that she isnt even into, I've had a few people say I can use gerber puffs and yogurt melts for babies for her? I just want to make sure I can ACTUALLY use those without her getting any negative affects.
  8. So, as a brand new (finally!) husky owner, my boy is only a mere 2 months old, Siberian/Malamute I figured I would post a thread and get some tips on what’s best for our little pup. Today is only the fourth day we’ve had him, we have three children and my wife has a 9 year old deer head chiuhuhua. If anyone has any tips about obedience training, length of walks (in summer), grooming, hair cutting?, dental tricks (keep them teeth pearly white), anything is super appreciated. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi! My partner and have debated at length for the last year and a half about getting either a husky or a husky collie mix. We currently own 4 cats and 4 guinea pigs. We live on 6 acres of land (which we can use for doggo) that are horse exercise paddocks along with a back garden of about 700m2. My in Laws own and live on the land in a bungalow next door with a Wheaton and a Miniature Schnauzer, both love other dogs. I run fitness boot camps in the garden and visit clients in a gym for a maximum of 1-2 hours per day, but my partner in normally home when I’m rarely not! W
  10. Hello! My 3-month-old puppy had an interaction with two dogs today. The first went well. However, the second interaction didn't go too well. The other dog snapped at my Xilonen- not 100% sure who instigated the snapping. The other woman just said "it snapped." I apologized and we went our separate ways. On the way back from the walk, we encountered that dog again and it started barking at us (I made sure we kept our distance this time) and my puppy wanted to approach, but was not aggressive. My puppy is usually very playful, but I didn't feel her snap at Coco or whatever his name was ...
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new here, just found this site today. I need help because I'm at my wits end. I have a 3-month-old husky, named Xilonen. I have had her for a little over month. Training is going as well as can be expected. We were doing really well until about 2 weeks ago- out of nowhere, she started biting me HARD- my hands, arms, calves, ankles, she has even jumped up to bite my bum! Her teeth get caught in my clothes and she won't let go! She growls and pulls, even if I don't pull back. I don't care about the clothes, but sometimes she catches a body part, and it seems like her gri
  12. Hello everyone, we have 2 white huskies, Aria and Apollo, who are 11 months now. We have been trying really hard with their training and they are getting better every day. However, getting them to come back to us when using their recall (i.e. 'come') is always a hit or miss. We can never be sure that they will respond and its clear that they choose when to. It is very stressful sometimes, especially when going to the park. Any good ideas/tips please let us know. Thanks.
  13. I know there's plenty to train on, but my first priority is potty training and not being aggressive about food with my other dog. He goes every time we go outside, but also goes when he feels like it inside. I feed my dogs separate but he growls and charges at the other dog while she's eating when he gets the chance. I want to curb this now cause he will get bigger and I don't want him being food possessive anyway. He does it with the water bowl too. Any tips? No idea if he's full blood, saw both parents last weekend when i got him, they don't looked mixed breed, he'll b
  14. Hi Everyone, We have had our gorgeous boy for just over 2 weeks now and he has settled in so well! One thing that we are having a bit of trouble recognising a cause for is our little guy pooping inside. (I realise he is still very young so please bare with for explanation) Within the first couple of nights he was able to make it through the night without wee accidents but still pooped - he's got the hang of asking to go out and now rarely wee's inside other than small ones which he can stop when we say No to him and take him outside. Poops are a bit differe
  15. Hi! I've had this issue with Odin since he entered puberty; he's sort of aggressive towards young puppies - but ONLY husky & malamute puppies. He gets along fine with small dogs when off leash in the dog park, but once a husky or mal puppy comes in I have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't hurt it. The first 'greeting' he does towards the puppy would be to run straight to it, wrestle a bit then bite the neck. The puppy was terrified and crying and he still won't leave it alone. It's scary to look at and scary for the puppy owner too. He'll growl and try to pin the puppy
  16. I need some ideas for my 7 month old Akira. I have had her for about 5 months now and she is moderately house trained. I crate her if im going to be gone for anything over 5hrs. For the most part she is pretty well with holding it for about 4hrs if I am home. In these instances I usually leave her in the living room with some toys and come home accident free. On the otherhand, I will occasionally leave her in the bedroom if I'll be gone for a few hrs as well. On multiple occasions she went from peeing on the floor to peeing/pooping on the bed! I am at a loss on what to do because i hate
  17. Hi there, we have a 9 week old Siberian and she was introduced to our home two days ago. She has not yet learned how to use her puppy pads and hasn't had her vaccinations so we can't let her out to go to the toilet yet. This means that we have to keep an eye on her at all times in case she goes on the carpet. When we can't keep an eye on her or we are busy, we put her in the conservatory (which we have carpeted with puppy pads!) her cage, bad and blankets are I in here too so we are trying to make it her 'den' area and she likes it but if we shut the door as we have to and walk away for even
  18. In 10 hours, I should be picking up an 8-week-old Husky puppy. I've done a lot of research (as this is a major life commitment), so I think I got the broad strokes covered, but as with all things in life, the theory and practice are two different things, and I don't want to bang my head against wall for doing a stupid mistake that could have been easily avoided (especially if all I need to do is ask here). Here's what I basically want for the puppy: - on one hand : make sure I don't traumatize the poor creature unintentionally (due to my ignorance) - on another hand: make
  19. Hi, I have a 6 month old husky called Lyla and my partner has a 2 year old husky called autumn (both girls) which we adore!! Both dogs are so friendly to both people and other animals and love running around and playing with other dogs at dog off leash areas! However, recently the 2 year old husky autumn has been really rough towards small dogs when they begin to run away or growl back, even to the extent of picking them up and thrashing them in her mouth :/ it hasn't gotten to the stage of her actually injuring any small dogs but the behaviour is often unpredictable and you
  20. Hi, I recently got 2 husky puppies from the same litter, they are 8 weeks old and we started to crate train the first day we got them, the girl is fine and only cries when she needs the toilet but the boy will sit in his crate and cry and howl for around 30 to 45 minutes. he sounds like he is in distress, does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong?
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