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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All, I am a new husky mama located in Nashville Tennessee and I am needing some advice from you all that have more experience with caring for your pup. Blaze is currently 4 days old and I will be welcoming him into my home on June 26th. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I wanted her to have a forever fur friend she can grow up with. I am going to consider him my son and her little brother lol. I chose a husky because of their loyalty. I wanted a dog that would be a great companion for me and my daughter. I decided to get a puppy so I can watch him grow up to be the majestic dog I know he will be. Before he arrives, do you have any advice for me? I want to make sure I am aware and prepared of what it takes to be a husky mama. Any advice on what to have before he gets here, crate training, exercising tips ect. Are there any neighbors in Nashville Tennessee that can meet up for play dates. Please feel free to express all of your pros and cons for huskies I am all in and excited to be a part of this forum. I have attached Blaze's first picture since his debut on 05/08/2020. Can't wait to have this little guy in my home.
  2. Hiiii peeps! I'm Kita, my other half is Tom and our bubby Malamute is Kovu. Is is 8 months old but the size of a wolf! We've recently bought a house in Bedford (only down the road from Milton Keynes where we're from) but are still new to the area and are looking for new Husky friends to meet with Kovu so he cam ve around his own kind. We have another dog Toby (Welsh Collie cross) but he's 8 years old so a bit boring and antisocial as he was a rescue from Battersea dog's home. I was recommended this site from Niki who we met up with earlier this evening, who said it's a great place for advice and to meet other Husky/Malamute owners. I'm still getting used to the site but have got lotttts of piccies of Kovu I will upload and will put a couple up of Toby the Collie too. Hopefully speak to you soon. Take care x
  3. Kita-n-Tom

    Kovu and Toby

    Kovu and Toby playing tuggie rope . . although they don't play together usually, we have to pull the rope towards them to get them to play

    © KitaWatts

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