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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! I'm adopting my first husky puppy (she will be 8 weeks) and have a few questions about training! 1) I live in a large family that includes my husband's dad and grandparents, so while my husband and I may not be home during the day, they will be. (I work 7 on/7off so mainly the 7 on part they'll be the biggest help). Would it be better to leave her by herself for awhile during the day or is it ok for her to be able to see them all day? I'm concerned she may became too dependent on us causing problems/separation anxiety leaving her alone for a few hours here and there when she's older. 2) Is it better to move the crate at night time to our bedroom? I don't know if change of space may cause her confusion. I will be the one taking her out at night to use the bathroom. 3) For crate training, should I close the crate door during a few hours of the day or let her roam in an enclosure with the crate available for her to use? I want to be able to crate train her but I want her to be able to roam around and exercise a bit during the day playing with her toys (outside of the time we take to walk her/play with her/etc.) I appreciate all the help and am open to all suggestions and advice!
  2. Advice please 😢 our little girl Rusty is having a hard time in her crate at night and when the crate door is locked when sleeping in the day.When the crate door is locked she scratches and chews the bars but worse is she keeps messing even when she’s been for a wee and poop before going in the crate. We’ve tried last night for the first night to leave her be after 4 nearly sleepless nights, but coming down every 2 hours as per her toilet schedule we’ve made note of, to let her out for a toilet and reassure her we are still here and it’s ok. We don’t praise her when she comes out of the crate. We leave a chew toy her Kong with some of her kibble or treats in. Tried the ticking clock wrapped in my t-shirt and a hot water bottle wrapped in a throw. She has a bed in there and we’ve put pillows in to make it seem smaller and cosier, even tried the throw from the sofa that she loves. We’ve also bought her a pen so we don’t have to lock the door if it’s causing her stress so she can enter and leave the crate but still be safe in her pen, and she escaped the pen last night. We noticed the crying had stopped and she was on the sofa when we came down for the first of our two hourly checks. Any advice would be great thanks as always for your time. Chris Abbie &Rusty 🐶🐾🐕
  3. Hello! So, my husky has started sleeping in her crate. Still whines, but subsides eventually. I'm concerned because the weather here is starting to get hot. I don't normally have the air conditioning on at night because It makes me ill (runny nose, sore throat, etc.). Should I leave my puppy's water bowl in her crate? Or is she okay without it during the night? The temp inside the house 75 degrees Fahrenheit/ 24 degrees Celsius. I know it's going to start getting hotter, and I would like to be prepared. Thanks!
  4. So here's Cerberus. She's really beautiful and calm. Just want to start everything out right we've had no potty accidents so far.any tips?
  5. My girlfriend and I recently adopted ~2 year old husky and we're noticing some pretty bad anxiety issues with the crate. We've only had him for about 2 weeks and we do feel like we messed up the initial crate training (we gently pushed him into the crate the first time). Ever since, he's been more and more reluctant at going inside the crate. At night, he's starting to pace a lot more and whine more and louder as well. What we've tried to do and have tried to do: 1) Giving lots of praise and treats when he goes near or into the crate 2) Giving his food/water inside the crate. This step we've off and on either closed or locked the door behind him as well to help get him used to it while we're still in sight. 3) We put all his toys and everything inside the crate with him as well. But unfortunately, he's seemed to learn at this point that food inside the crate is bad because he's extremely reluctant to go inside the crate completely. Even during normal feeding times, he'll only put in his front two paws. As for the praise and toys, he appears to be completely uninterested in both of those; he barely plays with the toys we got him and seems unfazed when we try to praise at all. So at this point, we're at a loss. We feel awful for our dog that he sounds to be in a great deal of anxiety/distress when he's in the crate. And we do have a feeling that we crate trained him wrong at this point. We're just out of ideas on how to get him to better associate the crate with positivity.
  6. Hello all! Looking for advice/help. Out husky is 3 years(as of January) old but we only got on the 4th March. She's been in the family since birth but due to family troubles we've ended up taking her. Up until us she lives with two other huskies (mum and dad). When we first got her she distoryed al it if things and we put it down to missing them. However since then we've looked after her daughter for two weeks and she did the same so now we know it's us she's missing. She's very loving and follows me round everywhere, she's definitely a mummy's girl! Shes crated in the day and she's stopped moving the crate across the room, although does try and get out. She doesn't shred anything any more either (i.e mats and bedding) however she does scratch the door massively and it's a big problem due to us being in a rented house... we touch a massive gambled having her and I promise don't the landlord she was excellent behaviour. We are seeing progress but I just wondered if anyone had any more tips or advice. She doesn't bother with toys and we have a kong. Thank you.
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