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Netflix Sabrina the teenage witch


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watched a couple episodes

For those who remember the first version  the new one is FULL ON witch craft no more cute comedy its dark and depressing, Salem the cat is still there but no more Salem humour or sarcastic back chat he is just a cat. New character is a Cousin who seems to have sort of replaced Salem.  When i said its full on witch craft i mean full on, You have the Dark Lord goat man Devil showing up curses and deaths.  Some one gets  killed by a pair of flying scissors on the first 5 mins.  


If you liked the original series you will probably hate this one as the format has been totaly changed from comedy to full on gore, Ghosts,  deamons and evil witches etc if you have never seen  the old show you may like this but its NOT a kids show any more its not eve harry potter level death scenes 

I might watch a coupole more episodes to give it a chace but i liked the old show better as i Miss Salems back chat and quips


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