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NetFlix movie White Fang


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From a review
"Parents need to know that
 White Fang is an animated film based on Jack London's classic 1906 adventure, which is known for its rugged realism and respect for the natural world. The story follows a young wolf-dog pup through a series of encounters involving both other animals and humans in the Yukon Territory during the 1890s Gold Rush. It tones down the book's intrinsic violence, keeping extensive brutality off camera in most cases. The action scenes are often very short, and then the camera moves away, suggesting additional violence with sound effects and music. Still, it's not for young or very sensitive kids, since there are many fierce encounters involving animals vs. animals, men vs. animals, and men vs. men. In one scene, a young woman is held captive and threatened with a knife. Some characters (both animal and human) are injured, but no blood is shown. Recommended for older kids and teens and as a shared family experience."

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