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  1. I guess photography would still qualify as a hobby, though for us (OH and myself) it's a business now. Though yesterday we did shoot the FDCUK racing up in Dalby Forest (as a fun, hobby type thing, not business - as they're such a great, friendly, unpretentious sled dogs and any other breed racing club 😀) @Keeonah
  2. These have all lasted years with ours - the three balls as they're soft so can't actually be bitten and the Kong is super hard
  3. Not sure I can help except to say all ours are crate-trained (though crate not up at the moment). We encouraged them to get used to it by feeding and treating when they went into the crate, so never had any issues with our original two or our adopted four - and even the fosters get crate-trained, usually. Crate is viewed as a 'happy' place, so when it's up they'll each wander in and out (no favoured spots for each dog with us - they all share everything). Crate'll be back up next week as we've a foster coming in - she's coming to us to be nursed after her spay, so we'll want our others to leave her in peace.
  4. St Helens, Merseyside (though rescue's Christmas walk at Lytham 16 December. All welcome @wolfpup 😊)
  5. That Canine Choice looks pretty good. OK, the zinc thing isn't ideal (I once had an 'interesting' discussion with someone selling a kibble which was specially made for sled dogs and had increased zinc...... but the guy refused/didn't know what form the zinc took except to say it was "vet selected". Conversation ended there!) but zinc deficiency isn't always a problem (we've never put any emphasis on it for ours, admittedly raw-fed, but never had any problems) Personally, I'd say that if you wanted a Pets at Home brand (AVA is their own), then go for the fish - though it is adult kibble. We give our German that and she does really well - tried her on the breed specific and it was a bust AVA Veterinary Approved Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult Dog Food 15kg
  6. Does look painful/uncomfortable for her. Have to say that it doesn't present as ZRD (zinc deficiency) as ZRD tends to be more scabby/crusty but probably worth pursuing, though blood tests are no good as only apparent from a skin scrape (plus needs to go to a lab that knows what to look for). If you're on Facebook, worth joining ZRD in sled dogs as there's plenty of advice/knowledgable people there. Whatever the diagnosis, I hope she gets better soon, poor girl
  7. Am I in time? Foster girl Ice (now in her furever home being trained as a Support Dog - and loving it). Post-operative after her spay - my view first thing in the morning (stayed with her so she didn't need The Cone of Shame + she was so good + I've never seen such a small and neat operation site 😊)
  8. This is how we walk ours: our own make of double lead with neck link attached to our own walking belt. Hands free so I can take photos, pulling from my hips so low centre of gravity so never get pulled over and anyway dogs become self-regulating as they usually pull in different directions!
  9. I don't take it (yet) but have got some for our two oldies, Husky Luka who's 13 (and on Metacam) and GSD Neeka who's 11 and both of whom are beginning to slow down (though both'll play like loons still!) After lots of research and feedback as I'm a bit of a sceptic on any "miracle" (plus CBD's an unregulated substance/business so there's all manner of stuff out there, good and bad) I opted for Simply CBD, especially as they also run a dog rescue. Early days yet for the dogs but looking into possible use for OH, a very useful bit of info is that if you're checking CBD oil against your medication, check the effect of grapefruit juice as a contraindication (CBD oil has closely related interaction to the effect of grapefruit juice!). Discovered a few potential problems and side effects which will make using it problematic for both of us 😕 Simply CBD on FB Simply CBD Users Support on FB https://www.drugs.com/article/grapefruit-drug-interactions.html
  10. Think DNA test may well resolve it (though they're not absolutely accurate and do depend on having what they hope are unique markers for each breed). Now of one thing I'm absolutely certain and that's our Ice is definitely not anything other than Husky/GSD/Mal (owners claimed she's Huskamute but we reckon Husky/GSD). I say "our" but we only fostered her (emergency foster to get her spayed - and, of course, she immediately started her season! LOL!). Now gone onto her furever home where she's being trained as an Assistance Dog (and doing really well) but I can say that she met your temperament list: very clean, attached herself to me though not overly affectionate, barked at people she didn't know and totally non-destructive
  11. Ah, the good old Apple vs PC debate. My background is computers (PCs and minis) with a heavy emphasis on interconnectivity. Well remember the days when Apple actually did produce something better, namely graphics but it didn't last long and they nearly went bust. But they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, spent heaps of money on marketing and maintained their tight grip on their closed system. Have to say that I'm impressed by their whole strategy which has got them where they are today: massive marketing budget, tight control on sytems, manufacture cheaply but sell expensively (see tight control) and avoid paying any tax ("All totally legal"). Even know a couple of people who work for them, though they're not allowed to admit it or discuss anything (see tight control). So, no, won't go near Apple products as I want the maximum out of my PCs: cost effectiveness, longevity, expansion, flexibility but above all just a tad more ethical - oh, and I loathe iTunes and Safari (I try them every now and then but their resource hogs with all kind of additional unrequired, unrequested baggage). All I need is just something to edit and maintain my 1m+ photos, edit videos, play my music, watch the occasional film, accounts, print/communicate with old systems/printers/screens, etc - and openness gives it all to me, concurrently 😀
  12. Two of ours had serious food and resource guarding when they came in, one of whom had obviously been abused over food issues (and was said to have bitten a kid - though both had been generally mistreated). Hand fed each (they came in seperately, so didn't have to hand feed at the same time!), so bowl not put down but handfuls given (lovely and messy/smelly with it being raw!). Did this for a few weeks and now each is absolutely fine with food, sharing toys, etc (though we repeat every now and then to ensure we're still 'on the same page'! 😉
  13. Only the German gets bathed as she's the only one to acquire a certain...... fragrance! 😀 The others, never but if they get really muddy we very, very occasionally will hose them down
  14. German Shepherd Dog Forgot to add that we take the occasional lost soul that is an emergency foster (usually one that needs nursing of some sort - spaying or snipping)
  15. It's great! Definitely injected a bit of life into what was becoming a tired and jaded series. I suppose I can see why some have criticised but, personally, I just see some great acting and the gender's irrelevant (and yes, I used to watch the very first series of Dr Who 😀 )
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