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  1. How often is she fed? A couple of ours have the occasional bile puke but we feed once a day (and they're so-called hunger pukes - from excess bile)
  2. Foster boy Bear has his own Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ursusdominusverum/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LordBearofSmarden
  3. Yeah, we've been 4 months without going out, except early morning with the dogs, so all of ours will need reintroducing to people! Taking them to the offlead next week, so they can burn off a bit of energy (as it's only been short walks and rushing around the garden). Was asking as wondering which rescue your pup has come from
  4. Oh, poor pup! I can so relate to this, having had Giardia myself (brought back the delightful hitchhikers from a trek in Nepal). Hopefully, he's over it and not passed it on to other 4 legged or 2 legged
  5. Sounds like you've got it all well sorted. HaHa, you mention bin men: our Granite, when we got him hated men (barked at me for 3 days!) but anyone in a fluorescent jacket was particularly suspicious. Now, 5 years later, he's fine with everyone - unless it's a man coming into the house and then he keeps a very careful eye on them! Yes, indeed. Bear is one of the Smarden 'gang' - went to SASD and we've fostered him for close on a year (that's him poking his nose around the corner of the pic of our other dogs). Lovely boy but spooked by the strangest things. The only dog I've ever been involved with who's been so scared by everything, 'shut down' and didn't move - and that was in the middle of the road! Had to carry him off! He's 5 yo but plays like a puppy - all 30kg of him! Did your boy come from Saints or SHWA (as 2 of the other rescues who took Smarden dogs - fabulous example of rescues co-operating 😊)?
  6. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 32 votes towards this years awards and 28692 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  7. Our current foster boy, Lord Bear of Smarden, isn't keen on people he doesn't know - absolutely a fear response with him. He was seriously neglected, lived in a run in a field (with 17 others in runs) and scared by everything. Only way to get him used to the world (and the people) is to expose him to everything and, gradually, over time he's come to accept with the desensitisation to scary things. It can take time and needs to be done slowly, at the dog's pace, but acceptance will happen as the dog becomes more secure and confident - so it's not just out and about that it happens but begins in the home. And nothing to do with anyone being a pack leader, domination or any outdated (and invalidated) behaviour. Mutual respect, consistency and fairness is what I've always found works best - be fair to them and they'll always be fair to you. Confidence in you will confer confidence in them 🙂
  8. I'm guessing they both get on OK with each other? Is it aggression or excitement - and, if aggression, has he managed to get to another dog? Sounds like it could be lead aggression - we had a GSD (lost her last year) who was lead aggressive and she just wanted to attack any dog, especially if they were off lead. What definitely helped was going to the secure offlead where all ours can run around (we have 5 Huskies) and she definitely behaved better. Are your boys intact or have they been neutered? If intact it can help to have him/them neutered, though not always.
  9. Apologies for late reply. No idea - and can't remember where we got it, it was so long ago. But it's lovely and squishy - no resistance to teeth, so lasts forever
  10. This is what we use - 6 dogs and lasted a few years. Only solid one is the Kong, far right. As the others are soft, their teeth don't penetrate (and they try! Do they ever try! 😄)
  11. At that age I'd suspect it's insecurity, to a large extent - though I'd agree he may be guarding as well. The best solution is to socialise him with people - and for those people not to approach him but ignore him, letting him approach them. Our current foster, despite being 5 years old, has displayed similar behaviour, though with him it's not guarding but purely insecurity (he was scared of the world as he lived in a dog run in a field without any human interaction). He's much better now and the world scares him less! 🙂
  12. Our foster, Mr Bear, started licking his rear paws, staining them red. We knew it wasn't allergy to food as his raw diet hasn't changed but think it was down to the Adaptil plugin - ironically, used to control his anxiety (he was very neglected, living in a run in a field with no contact beyond some other Huskies in similar runs) which in itself can be a cause of licking. Personally, I hate any form of plugin, air freshener, essential oils, etc as they all contain chemicals (everything is chemically derived, however 'natural'). Anyway, unplugged the damn thing and he's stopped licking, so we have a result 😊 You can see the near front paw, no red and the rear paw is slightly stained - his feet are permanently crippled and when he came into rescue he had no fur on them at all, through urine burns. His coat was in a dreadful state and he weighed a mere 17kg. He now has a lovely, fluffy coat and we weighed him yesterday at 30kg (which is about perfect - maybe short of 1 or 2 kgs)
  13. Anyone have a sled dog with a brown nose that's changing/changed to pink? We have the usual black to pink snow noses here but our only pink nose stays pink. Not aware of brown noses, changing or unchanging! Asking for someone who's dog is doing just that - seems like "snow nose" but never come across brown before
  14. Mr Bear's one of the Smarden 18, 18 neglected Huskies that a few rescues co-operated to ensure they were all taken into care. Bear was particularly bad with urine-burned paws and matted coat - and they were all emotionally damaged through being very isolated in outdoor runs. Mr Bear's already well on the way to being physically healed but still anxious at anything new - but such a loving boy (always amazes me how well neglected dogs get on with people, given their treatment). He's here for assessment and help him climatise to the real world - currently he's living his lost puppyhood, despite being 5!
  15. I got a cool coat to try - and I wasn't convinced. The theory's fine: evaporating water requires energy so it'll cool the coat. Problem is, as mentioned above, double coats are just too thick to help - though I am reasonably convinced they'd work on a short haired, single coat dog 😉 Here's Luka wearing his coat - rewetting was never a problem as he loves swimming! As you can see in the 3rd pic, he's panting (N.B. Leads edited out)
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