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Husky Hair wanted

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I've started spinning Fox's fur...I'm out of fur to spin at this point (or simply don't have a substantial enough ammount to make it worth the effort to resume the attempts...)my hunny is reinlisting active duty style and I thought it would be nice for me to make him a hat/gloves/mittens or something similar made from husky fur for the next time he's inevitably deployed to the cold ass desert (everyone remembers the summers...but the winters are down right brutal. Last time we were there, when I was up in the gunners station I had to wear the sleeping bag style warmies to stay warm and retain the ability to move my fingers freely).

If anyone's willing to mail me more fur baby sheddings I'd be muchly greatful.

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I'll send you some - IF US customs will allow it in to the country! We know the fur is OK, but customs have strict regulations on what can come in to the country. If they are OK with it, I will gladly send you some, Diesel is still blowing 4 months on & Myshka has just started.

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How funny...I was just reading about a website that auctions husky-fur-made products to support a husky rescue and was thinking about sending some to them.

Send me your address...I was collecting it little by little but Roxxy's not fully blowing coat yet. I'll pass it along once I get a good batch collected.

Good luck! That sounds really cool.

I'm curious...how exactly does one spin loose fur?

Jeany & Roxxy

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1 hour ago, Kristy said:

Hello were you still interested in husky hair? 



Seeing that the original poster has been removed I very much doubt it as they cannot see this posting….

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4 minutes ago, jzip4264 said:

I have a  Husky blowing coat right now. if you would like the Fur please email me with an address. she is a wooly Siberian husky so she sheds more than a normal husky.



Seeing that the original poster has been removed I very much doubt it as they cannot see this posting….

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