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New Husky to the family

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Hello All

We have recently adopted a dog advertised as a mixed bread but as he gets older (5 months old now) he definitely looks like an Isabella Husky. He is our 4th dog and a has a mind of his own (which I love) but we are finding somethings are challenging such as potty training. Are these dogs easy to potty train or are they stubborn learners, a little insight would be nice. Other than the potty training and still mouthing a bit he is a quick learner and a lot of fun around the house. Thanks 


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Yes,  patience is the key to everything regarding huskies.   The way I trained my last pup (now 8 y.o.) was after every meal he (we) went outside until he did something  (preferably both)  -  massive praise,  then we went back in,  then he went outside every hour until he got the message to pee outside -  again massive praise then we came back in.   Be sure not to clean up any poo  immediately  - leave it where he deposited it  and clean it up later when he is not around.     If you clean it up immediately every time it might make him think it is wrong to 'go'  - you do not want him to clean it up himself  (yuck).

If you can also get him used to going in the same place whilst doing this training  - it will save you hunting around the garden for the next 12 years or so  for poo clean-up.

As for mouthing  -  I eventually stopped Marley by yelping loudly each time he bit me  and refusing to play with him   (just the same as his siblings would have done).     It can be a sign that he was taken from his mum and siblings too early  -   I later found out that Marley was taken away from mum at around 5 weeks old.   By the time I got him at 12 weeks old I became his 4th owner.

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When it comes to potty training, every dog is different and the experience can vary even within a breed. The approach that usually works with most dogs involves consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. It is especially important to be consistent in creating a walking schedule and rewarding your dog for correct behavior.

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