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Hi I am a newbie Husky owner. 9 week old Belle

I did tons of research but it seems nothing can prepare you for the learning to settle them at night. Only had my puppy Belle since Saturday and she just doesn't want to sleep, let alone in her crate. 

Any tips would be grateful.

I was also told that she had been wormed and was pad trained, yet we have had to worm her after she vomited a roundworm and she is using my laminate floor as a toilet so tomorrow moving to the outdoor toilet training in my garden. 

With the worming I had to have a vet call as her abdomen has become distended and swollen. Thankfully I've been assured it's normal with the amount of adult roundworms she has been pooing out. Also discovered how hyperactive Drontal makes her 🤣😴


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A6FE2CA4-EC6A-49C7-8ADE-ED3173DAEE58.jpeg.83f662143083fdd0084c68de9219c0a7.jpeg   to   70990443-D7EA-4927-AE51-E117E338A8DE.png.abca2960dac289628a52e280b1792654.png

remember she has just been pulled away from everything she has ever known for the last couple off weeks to be put into something new and all alone as well… give her sometime to adjust…she will need it...


the only advise i can give to extra is…lots and lots of patience is needed and no your local tesco does not sell that in cans bags or bottles...

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Welcome to you both.  (she is stunningly beautiful by the way)

As above  - LOADS of patience.

After every single thing she eats     take her outside immediately she has finished the meal -  and preferably to the same spot each time  - whilst she is learning that she should 'go' outside she will also get used to going in the same spot (or area)  - will save you hunting around the whole garden for the next 15 years or so.

Also take her outside regularly - and stay outside with her until she pees,  massive praise then let her go back inside.

Try giving her an old jumper or cardigan you have worn for her to sleep on,  she will be missing all the smells of her mum and siblings,  so give her a replacement.   Also give her a favourite cuddly toy to snuggle.    Must admit I am not a fan of crating.

If you want any advice on feeding her the best food you can  - I hold two qualifications in dog food nutrition  - but a word of warning in advance  ..............  I will advise raw food  :huskyfall:.     The first 'dog'  came into being around 40 million years ago  (its name was Lepticin), and for the whole of that time up until around 100 years ago they ate their food raw  -  and you must admit they did quite well on it to last that 40M years.     


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Thanks for the advice. 

We have managed to get her to sleep alone. I have to wait in the front room until she is asleep and sneak out but she is doing so well. She has puppy pads for toilets at night due to not being able to get up as she is a pain to get back to sleep of I'm in the room with her.

She has found 2 areas of my laminate floor to still pee on. She's honestly a pee ninja. Even after taking her outside, if she isn't watched like a hawk, she'll pee. It's so frustrating but I know patience is key. 

She has her second vaccines on Friday and means we can take her out for a proper walk safely

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