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Smokey Elam

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Hello everyone, I want to introduce you to Smokey. He is delightful! He is not our first husky but our first with so much personality. He doesn’t talk much but maybe he will in time. We encouraging him to talk but so far he is only talkative to our vet, whom he loves and the mop which he hates lol. 
 He has been an adventure thus far. Since we live in Mississippi we have serious heat and coyote packs so this boy is an inside dog. At 4 months he managed to break  his toe during a zoomies breakout, he knocked over a large wood chair and snapped his toe. That was a nightmare for the most part. But last Friday we were able to be cleared. He suffered many infections in his splints. I finally made them realize his feet sweat! At any rate $1200+ later he is doing great with no lasting effects. Considering all he went through I must say he handled it well. 
 I will post Smokey antics often since he adds to them on the daily. I look forward to meeting your babies on here!














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