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Noob husky owner


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Hello everybody! I'm Cristine, you can call me Cris, I'm a relatively new husky owner. We've owned dogs before but not really high maintenance dogs so I was quite at a loss for awhile. We weren't really planning on having a husky but my cousin gave him to us and I honestly wasn't ready but we've had him for a month now and he's doing well. His name is Boris, I don't know what his exact color is because I don't know if he's called red or brown??? I'll attach some pictures below so if anyone can tell me what color he is, I'd be grateful. I love him very much, he's very adorable and stubborn too, lol. We have another puppy, he's a mixed breed and he's very obedient and quick to learn new things. The difference between them is astronomical and it's very cute. Thank you. 










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Welcome to both you and VERY cute Boris  -  I love his markings around his eyes!    I would say he is most definitely a RED.    One of the main differences between a 'normal' dog and a husky is that the other puppy will learn in order to please you  .................. Boris on the other hand will be thinking to himself  "what's in it for me"?    You will find many many differences between the two pups  - Boris is almost certainly going to be the one misbehaving and not doing as he is told.      Can I suggest you search the internet and learn everything you can about huskies  - their temperament, characteristics,  and mainly that they will never be able to be let off lead once they near maturity unless in a secure area with a minimum of 6ft fencing - and that goes for your garden too.   Their prey-drive is the highest of any domesticated dog - so little furry creatures beware,  - and if something catches their attention - recall is almost non-existant.     They are consummate escape artists so make sure you have gates protecting your front door if at all possible.

They are (in my opinion) the best dogs on the planet  -   will challenge you constantly and outwit you at least twice a week,  believe me they are far more intelligent than they let on.      I regret waiting so long before getting my first husky  -  I was told when I first got Marley that one husky is never enough  .................   they were right  I now have 2  and wish I had enough years left in me to have more.

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