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G'day from Oz.

Dunno if anyone is still here, as it's 2021 and the epidemic has been hitting pretty hard, but I found this place while surfing the net and it looked interesting.

I adopted Xena about a year ago and in only that short amount of time she's been bringing lots of fun and mischief to our lives.

She has been a little harder to train than my previous dogs, but as an experienced German shepherd owner it was a breath of fresh air to end up with such a cheeky husky.

I knew some friends a while ago who had a couple of huskies and their playful personality and spicy attitude is what makes them my favourite breed (sorry GSD, your loyalty was excellent but I'm a lovefool for the class clown)

Anyway, I'll add a pic or two of my loveable gremlin. Don't be fooled by her charming smile, she's a stone cold wolf inside 😆 (so she thinks)



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