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opinion about husky rebel

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I have some problems with my pet. This is a Siberian Husky called Balto 6 months, a bit rebellious and anxious. I would like to ask you about this course, since I can not have the charming dog and I observe that in the forum provides sincere and detailed answers because the health of my great friend is very important.  At the end of this post I leave a link for you to advise me, tell me your own experiences or have more information because the one they provide looks good. 
Looking for real opinions of the product on the Internet users who have tried it say it is worth it. and I would like to know your opinion before buying it.

Thank you very much to the one who has a minute to help me.  

Deleted your link.  Instead here is the link to the products https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/

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Sorry I don’t click on links.

What is the name of the product and I will look it up.

He is starting his teenage phase. I believe mine started around that age and they have calmed back down now. They are 18 months.

 I double their training and kept them busy. The more I worked with them the better they acted.

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This is just my honest opinion:

All dogs have the same issue no matter the breed.

However, Huskies are different in the since of how they are trained.

 I would really hate to see someone spend a lot of money on a program that may be great for other breeds but does nothing for your Husky.

 I would suggest going on YouTube first. There are a tun of training videos for free. 

I watched a lot of different ones and found handlers that had my same approach and just kind of put together my own training routine.

This way I had guidance but could adjust to mines personality. 

My male is extremely responsive and loves rewards and is more willing and can go forever learning something new. Were my girl is stubborn and could careless about rewards and doesn’t have a good attention span.

What works for one my not work for another.

Keep in mind that these guys are not Labs, Shepherds, or Rotties. They do not have the drive to please. 

Make it fun, keep it short, and be very very patient.

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I have two rescued huskies  -  one is hyper, loves everybody, and everything  -  wants to greet every dog, cat, child, person he meets, lovely gentle personality but a 'frustrated greeter' and no doggie manners - despite nearly three years of training.    The other is far calmer, seemingly well trained, walks nicely on lead, is responsive to commands, calm when meeting other dogs etc  ............. his one mission in life is to kill my cat.   He ignores cats in the street, just looks at them, but when he sees our cat he goes into a rigid, deaf, seathing, trembling mass of pure evil.

These guys are different to other dogs,  and are different from each other,  and as 2Huskyfun says above  what works for one will not work for another.     You say your pup is anxious   - start there.    Build his confidence, get him to really trust you,  so that he knows you will protect him  (just know he will not return the favour)  -  once he has confidence then you can start to try and get him to do the things you want   -  but he wont always do it  -  its not that he is a bad dog  -  he is just a husky  -  they had a brain of their own, and as he gets older he will use it more and more.

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