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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I have some problems with my pet. This is a Siberian Husky called Balto 6 months, a bit rebellious and anxious. I would like to ask you about this course, since I can not have the charming dog and I observe that in the forum provides sincere and detailed answers because the health of my great friend is very important. At the end of this post I leave a link for you to advise me, tell me your own experiences or have more information because the one they provide looks good. Looking for real opinions of the product on the Internet users who have tried it say it is worth it. and I would like to know your opinion before buying it. Thank you very much to the one who has a minute to help me. Deleted your link. Instead here is the link to the products https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/
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