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Worried About My Fence!

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Hello everyone! Im new to this forum and created this account to help give me insight. Recently, I adopted a husky who is around 50 pounds who will be available for pickup around next week. After constant worry and extensive research about huskies escaping fences, I'm worried my dog will try to escape. Our backyard is pretty spacious, however, the fence is relatively short with some sections made of brick and others iron. We have one gate that is chained but we are planning on installing a PVC pipe above it to fix the problem. However the biggest problem we are facing is the brick wall as it has a unique feature where the brick wall slowly becomes shorter and shorter all around the perimeter until it reaches the end of the backyard. It starts off at 5 feet than slowly shortens all the way down to 3 feet 10 inches. What do you guys think would be the best extension to fix the problem at hand? Thank you very much ahead of time!

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city does not permit...wow if they said that in our town there will be an uproar and local taxes will never be paid...

I would then put a double row of fences around so that the jump between the 2 makes it impossible for the dog to jump over...like for instance about 3 foot between the 2...

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then I would put angle brackets up to protrude about a foot with some wiring sothat the jump could not even be mat and fasten that to the wall making sure it would not come higher then the 6 foot..

a bit like this Bracket-1.thumb.jpg.eec871a84f98d1ce42ad79969ba0d305.jpg

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Wow! That is a great idea I think that would be the best option considering the predicament. Thank you very much! 

The holder explained that he’s not much of a jumper and is really calm with a very low energy level compared to other huskies so hopefully the reinforced fence helps if he is actually a jumper! 

And additionally I have another question, should I reinforce/add extensions to my iron gate as well it’s exactly 5’0. From what ive seen huskies commonly only escape because of chained fences or a sort of contraption that heaves them up.


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I feel you pain. I just managed to avert a break out a few days ago as Jackson jumped up and got head and shoulders over the top of a 6' wall. We're now having it raised as he's continually eyeing it up like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape"......


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