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  1. Well dear reader, we got him....Meet Jackson - just under 2 years old, got some good habits already but lacks a bit of lead training and wasn't very socialised so a bit excited around new people and meeting other dogs. All fixable with a bit of time and effort. Vet thinks he needs another kilo or two but the move from "Tescos Meaty Chunks" to the raw food diet ought to see to that. He's made a massive difference to our family already and so the journey begins
  2. Great pair of lungs! The cats face at the start of the clip is classic ("why is he doing this again????")
  3. Thank you all so much, great to be welcomed with plenty of sound advice from those who have trodden the path already. Really looking forward to it all, either with this dog or one of the (sadly) dozens in all the rescue sites I'm scanning. I'm sure there will be other questions as we're in this for the long haul
  4. Hi All - the big plan was to adopt a rescue Husky as part of my active retirement (lucky to be able to go at 55) and so have been doing all the breed due diligence research and getting things ready (watchtower, 12ft high fences, have bought the cement mixer to fill in the flower beds, usual sort of stuff ). Family are all bought in and we are looking forward to the adventure and welcoming the new member of the family. Helpful as ever, eldest son comes home from college and declares that a classmate is looking to rehome their 2 year old Husky as it "belonged" to an elder sibling who is no longer at home and now the dog isn't really getting the level of attention/exercise it needs. Rather than dive in, I'm now in the process of asking a lot of questions (any issues, how did they get him, parentage, what training has taken place, out on lead behaviours, crate training, diet, health, vaccinations etc etc). So far so good......Then I hear that the dog in question joined their family at 4 weeks old (sounds way to early from what I can understand and likely many socialisation processes it would have learnt from mother & litter many not have been learned). Haven't met the dog yet as I don't want to raise any expectations on either side. Grateful of any experiences and issues that you folks have had, or heard of with dogs that were taken from the litter at such a young age. Very much appreciated.
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