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  1. Hi All, We're looking at moving from the UK to NZ with our husky in 3/4 months time. He'll be three years old, but has separation anxiety and I was a bit naive in thinking that someone's in cargo with them but that isn't the case. We're now worried as we've managed to leave him on his own for 3-4 hours but not for 12 hours as will be needed for this kind of flight. The pet travel operators think it will be fine, but we're worried/nervous and wondered if anyone's attempted this before? We have a few months to work with a trainer on this, but wondered in the meantime if anyone had a
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum but was looking for some advice for my 6-month old husky! He is very playful, enjoys walks and is very strong! However, since he was around 5 months of age, he started to show an arched back. This was accompanied with pretty severe muscle tremors (severity: 9/10). We took him to the vet and, after examinations and blood tests, we were told that his new food may not be suitable for him (we had weaned him onto his new kibble completely the before these symptoms occurred). So we were told to put pup onto a gluten-free diet, which we did and the tremors have red
  3. So Buran is 2 years and 10 months old. My uncle got him from a person that mistreated him and wanted to get rid of him asap, the guy had no information about the dog, parents and his blood line yet claiming that Buran is 100% purebred and has no health issues. Either way we love him and don't care what his blood line is and if he's pure bred or not, just out of curiosity and interest we'd wondered if he could actually be somewhat purebred. Personally I think that he could be a working type judging by his coat length... Just wanting to see what other people might think)
  4. I have a 1 year and 2 months old siberian husky/ malamute mix named Blu. About 2 months ago he had seizure, then again 3 weeks later, and finally another last night, which is roughly 3 weeks after his previous fit. I'm 18 and have no car, job(or a way to get to one), and I live with my single mother who barely gets by.. my point being, Blu has been fed processed kibble his whole life which mostly contains zinc sulfate. He is only experiencing 1-2 symptoms of zinc deficiency ( seizures and maybe chronic digestive issues). I was wondering if anyone has personally fixed this and how can I on a bu
  5. Hi everyone I have an almost 3 year old red husky named Pizza. We live in Northern Virginia and I've had him since he was about 4/5 months old and got him from a family who could not care for him properly. He's your typical high energy, goofy, husky and the absolute love of my life. On June 18 of this year (2020) Pizza had his first seizure at about 5:30/6am. I was sleeping and was woken by the sound of him vomiting and immediately after he tipped over and started having a grand Mal seizure. I have never seen a dog or human have a seizure and went I into absolute hysterics. I ran to
  6. Hi there, let me introduce you to my 6 year old boy alaskan malamute/husky mix Kyto that we recently adopted from the shelter.Kyto has been abused 3 times by several owners (heavily abused) and neglected, he also lived outside, in all weather, in a very small bench in which he spent more than 8 hours a day locked up! (I think it's terrible). These owners also brought him back three times to the shelter, each time at a different location for different reasons. Now we have Kyto with us for 4 months and we are still very happy with that to date. When we wanted to adopt him, Kyto was not yet
  7. Hi All. I live in an urban suburb in Durban SA. My duo, Duke and Kaskae are 1year olds - Kaskae is the female and she’s a wooly. We have been trying to keep them active by walking them daily for 3-4km, both at mornings and at noons. Duke and Kaskae also enjoyed the privilege of spending some time outdoors in our garden everyday, however due to a lack of stimulation, they were starting to dig up our greenery. We are first time husky owners and with very little research done a year ago before getting our pups, we were suddenly faced with a predicated of under exercising both of them.
  8. Hi, This is the story about my 6years old malamute/husky that we adopted since 3 weeks ago.. @alaskanmalamut_kyto for updates Everyone who has followed our story the last few days knows that Kyto has been abused 3 times by several owners (heavily abused) and neglected, he also lived outside, in all weather, in a very small bench in which he spent more than 8 hours a day locked up! (I think it's terrible). These owners also brought him back three times to the shelter, each time at a different location for different reasons. Now we have Kyto with us for 3 weeks and w
  9. Henlo frens, Im Doggo, the husky pupper, pawsome to meet ya'll My hooman is named Listek, also happ to be here! Heck!
  10. Here is a link of a video of my Husky, Phantom. Is he oversized for 6months? or is this normal. Please help me here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIyFDQkiqKI
  11. Hey everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows what breed she is? She was given to us by a couple who didn’t want her. I’m not sure if she’s a full husky of mixed with another breed I would love to know if anyone has any information. Thankyou!
  12. Hello everyone, today we had our 2 year old male husky neutered, ( he was a rescue dog and we adopted him a couple weeks ago), unfortunately the extremely rude Vet didn’t give us any information regarding the healing process and do’s and don’ts with walking etc and the differences with pretty much everything during his recovery, I’ve done some research and have got some information but would like to get some information from the forum, from personal experiences with the process and the things you had the change during there recovery. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone I wanted to introduce myself, me and my wife are first time dog owners and we are currently going through the process of adopting a 2 year old male husky! we’ve done research and we’ve looked through a ton of the forums on this site, especially ones from other first time dog owners and seeing the experiences and responses from experienced husky owners and I have to admit it has put my mind at rest a lot knowing there’s such a supportive community out there to help. We are nervous but more so excited to start this new journey!
  14. Hi everyone, we really need help with a name, we can’t agree on anything! 😫 he’s a handsome little dog and just 5 weeks old right now, we don’t bring him home for another 4 weeks but we’d like an unusual name that compliments his dark colouring, any ideas would be great folks, thanks
  15. Upon reading some of the other forum posts on here I've noticed some identical behaviors in my dog that also describe a pregnant dog. she's losing hair on her belly developing teets and nesting, is always super clingy and its gotten worse as of late. Can anyone tell me what exactly phantom pregnancy is and/ or are these hormonal effects of Skyy still being fully intact at her age (almost four years old), and never having a liter? help oh yeah also... HIII IM SARAH THIS IS MY INTRODUCTION ... story about Skyy and I: Hi, I'm Sarah, first time husky owner
  16. Hey guys! Im going to buy a new husky puppy. I got lost, i dont know a lot of about pure breed husky so i need your help. I have contact a guy and said that he have a pure breed husky puppies so i really want your opinion about if its real pure breed or not. Unfortunately in my country we dont a akc or kennel club so its would be pretty amazing to know your thoughts!
  17. Hi! I'm new here and also a first time owner of a husky puppy. His name is Jarvis (from the Avengers, Tony's computer.. 😁) He was born last November 11, 2018 and I got him last January 11 of this year.
  18. Hi, I just got a male husky puppy last January 11. The seller said he was born last Nov. 11, 2018 so he was exactly two months old when we got him. His name is Jarvis by the way.. I was just wondering if I was tricked because he looks small for a two-month old husky. The seller said he is a purebreed but some people said he looks small for a two-month old. I don't think he's sick because he eats normally and is very playful. He still eats the same type of food from what the seller has fed him. And are his ears supposed to still be floppy at two months? I would still love him th
  19. 🛑Help🛑 I know I already posted something on this but I just went to the vet to weight him. so my dog is 23/24 inches to the shoulders and he weights a whopping 74 pounds he doesn’t look that fat but I’m not sure. Would it be fine to give him a cup less food? 1/2 less in the morning and 1/2 less at night?
  20. legendofsimba___BmgavxchHxS___.mp4 https://www.instagram.com/legendofsimba legendofsimba___BnH4vE0hq_8___.mp4 legendofsimba___BjuCS0mB6ey___.mp4 legendofsimba___BmgavxchHxS___.mp4 legendofsimba___Bnz21pABtA6___.mp4 legendofsimba_1___BpZD1yHl0aC___.mp4
  21. I just ordered these for Jax. He’s 2 years old and just recently was diagnosed with epilepsy after having random seizures one day, 3 seizures in 48 hrs. After doing a lot of research and reading, I believe he may have a zinc deficiency also. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this specific supplement? If so, is it good? thanks!
  22. Hi! New here! Our dog is a husky shepherd mix, a rescue. Trying to figure out which breed forum to join, ha ha... looks like a big husky, but is mainly attached to one person (me), follows me from room to room, barks loudly at the door, and is a bit aloof ( does not seek attention from strangers). Does he act more like a shepherd, then? But aside from barking at door, he is a silent guy., which seems more like a husky... Starting obedience class in 2 weeks, so I guess we will see which breed in him dominates...? wondering if he can be offleash trained ( more like shep
  23. Kota is an (almost) 19 month old husky living in Minnesota. He's pretty lazy because we can't run him as much as we should. For as long as I can remember having him he's always panted a lot. Of course he would when we take him to the park and on walks, but he also does it when he hasn't done any sort of physical activity (like sitting around in the house). For example we could be sitting on the couch together and he would just be slowly panting. It wasn't fast or rough. But for clarification its not CONSTANT but it does happen a lot. For a while I thought it was cute because it seemed relaxing
  24. Our dog gets a lot of compliments because of how she looks. For some reason people say she looks like a fox, coyote or baby wolf. I had two people ask how much would it cost for her. I said I don't give family away, but my uncle loves her a lot too. While she does look like a coyote (she's not) she had a very beautiful white brother back in her sleddog facility upnorth. She's a bit smaller now, but. I don't see all the fuss, I think she's beautiful even though I know some people are scared of her at first glance since they think she is a wolf or coyote. But she's the sweetest thing, a bit stu
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