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Husky Mix Shaved, Fur Grow Back?


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There seems to be a lot of conflicting information as to whether or not Husky fur will grow back normally after being shaved.

My Husky Mix had a 5in x 5in spot shaved off his hip today at the vet because of a hot spot.. and this obviously left a noticeable bald area. Does anyone have a positive experience of fur growing back after their Husky was shaved? Seen a lot of people saying it won't come back but that just seems a little exaggerated. Also, is there anything I can do to ensure it will come in ok?


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I recall that my Phoenix had two shaved areas on her legs (for IVs while at the vet) and also her lower stomach when she was fixed/tattooed...  the fur grew back just fine.  

I agree with the idea that one should not shave their husky, but I think for medical reasons (surgery, severe hotspots, etc) then it's a necessary evil.  

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Under these circumstances yes fur must be shaved, otherwise the vet cannot do the treatment . It will grow back, you will notice it for a long time but once the guard hairs are back you will more than likely not be able to see I it anymore...

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I'm happy I found this post. Sasha my Siberian husky chewed a small spot on her left hind leg. It looks to be maybe less than 2". She had a flea bite and it was particulair bad last year due to all the rain we got. This was about 6 months ago.

I took her to the groomers today and her new groomer pointed it out. I told her what I explained here.

It seems more noticable after her grooming of course.

Wish I knew how long it would take to grow back, but I guess all I can do is wait.

She looks really great after her grooming.

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I took my husky to the groomer she has done him several times before and just cut his undercoat and bathed him. I don’t know what or why she did this to my baby this time but she shaved him all over. I think she messed something up and just did it. No call to me asking if it was ok no nothing. I showed up to get my baby and he was shaved. I have cried my eyes out. Will his hair grow back? Is he ok to even go outside if it’s hot out ? I am so devastated. Please let me know ?

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It should do , but the guard hairs will take a long time, if the dog is outside a lot then with the weather warming up you do need to take care the fur on a husky is not only there for the cold but also to regulate the warmth…

Oh and I would have a serious conversation with your groomer about compensation…and I personally would report her / him for animal cruelty…

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