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Calculator words

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BEfore anyone thinks this is a strange link to post. Someone got me a calender for my desk that has a link a day on it to visit, so I thought I would post them up here on a daily basis :)



For years, bored math students have been wise to the trick of punching numbers into their calculators , which, when turned upside down, spelled words like "sell" (7735) of "google" (376006). Even if you're not a math wiz, you can still learn to write in "Ooblgshezi," the name of this language, by mastering its alphabet and studying the word list reproduced at this site.


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I know a rather odd sum that comes with a story:

There was a girl aged 13

She had 84 sisters

and 45 brothers

One day she had a problem so she went to the Dr and he said

"0 you need to go home an multiply yourself by 2"

When she went home she forgot what the Dr said and multiplied herself by 4

as a result she became 55378008 (Spell boobless when you turn calculater around)

Whats the sum? Its 13844502 x 4 = 55378008

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