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Skin Issues With Siberian Husky, Dakota


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I have to talk to a few people on here and could still use some help


Vets not helping much and I know some one has run into this with there husky, here is what I have so far. 


Switched food to Natural choice, is suppose to help with skin and coat

Zyrtec 10 mg twice a day for his weight

Fish oil / 1000 mg twice a day

Topical spray to help with hot spots

Use medicated shampoo too loosen crust and help skin


But still the areas affected are crusting up and I can't find anything to stop it. 

After cleaning spots up, there is bleeding and it scabs over and starts to crust up again. 

posting some pics, well hopefully I can by now, if not here is my address to see them. grove1960@gmail.com



Well only one would down load, 


 Any more help would be apprecitated


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Oh gosh James, that looks painful. It looks like there is some hair loss as well. Has your vet ruled out mites? I'm no expert, but that photo made me think mange, which is caused by mites.

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I would check with your vet, or another vet, and have Dakota checked for mites. A bacterial infection can result from mange. If the vet treats the bacterial infection, the mites remain. That would explain why the areas flare up after the antibiotics are stopped. There are two types of mange, one more serious than the other, each caused by a different type of mite. And neither form will clear up on its own.

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mind if I ask why you are giving Zyrtec an antihistamine for weight, its an allergy medication

not a weight gain loss food supplement

If you vet proscribe an anti allergy med it may react with what your giving him already

if its mange go to good pet store and you can buy a wash skin wash that will treat both forms of mange,

might need two goes a week or two apart

what was his old food how long ago did you change some dogs get skin problems like that from eating

food that contains Maize worse some makes do not list maize but call it wheat products or other loose


if it is a food allergy the change of diet should fix it but may take a month for the effects to start


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this will sound silly get some health food porridge oats put a hand full in an old sock or foot of tights

soak it in some warm water and dab the hot spots with this milky water

An oat wash can sooth irritated skin

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Oh geez, that looks very sore and angry - I hope you can get to the bottom of this soon.


I would get a referral to a specialist canine dermatologist for sure or another vet at the very least.


Have a read of this thread for some ideas. 


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