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  1. I feed chicken raw, ideally the chicken will have been frozen for around 2 weeks. I feed sections of the chicken raw and with bones. Usually 1/4 or 1/2 depending on how big the bird is. Most of the info on ratios of meat bone and organs are contained in this thread. I also feed almost every other type of meat that I can my hands on, including whole raw fish
  2. Oh Dave, I have no words - so very sorry
  3. Thanks very much Dave for your kind comments
  4. Oh gosh Dave, thinking of you and wishing all the best for Eisa
  5. Oh geez Dave, sorry to hear this and wishing all the very best for Eisa.
  6. Looks okay, but it is very easy to make up your own "prey model raw" and you don't need a grinder. Grinding is normally done with BARF which is the other style of raw feeding and you can buy ready made frozen versions. With BARF I am referring to the food model not the brand called BARF.
  7. If you only need the wings and necks for diarrhoea issues then I think it would be best to find the cause rather than use the bones to fix it. I personally don't rate Purina highly at all. Maybe start a different thread away from the raw section to get more advice to the issues you are facing
  8. Well, you may have a dog that raw feeding is not suitable for. I have a few suggestions though... 1 Larger pieces will mean he has to break them down somewhat. 2. Hand feeding, hold the wing 3. Use chicken necks and cut them into small pieces 4. Grind up the bones and add to the meat and organs Is he on fully raw?
  9. Every dog is different which is why blanket statements are never possible. If your dog chews them a bit to break them down then there won't be a problem. If your dog just swallows the whole thing then there is a risk of choking. If your dog is fed all raw, then the stomach acidy should deal with the soft bones of wings etc. Dogs fed mixed are less able to cope with bones. I would say the risk of choking is more likely than it causing a blockage which is what I think your vet is talking about - but having said that I think the risk is very low. Hand feeding is a good way to check how the bones are being crunched. Frozen is also a good way to feed them as they are more likely to chew them for a bit longer. I feed wings by themselves or attached to a half or quarter chicken (depending on the size of the chook) and have been doing it since Ronin was 14 weeks with wings, 7 months for fully raw.
  10. Welcome to the forum, and well done for doing your research. I think Robke sums it up nicely, but I will try and address your points. I think huskies are beautiful, my husband and kids (6&9yrs) all want a husky. I'm a little hesitant for a few reasons so I'm asking you the experienced ones to give me the honest scoop on the breed. Thanks for asking the questions I had a German Shepherd from 8wks to 14 when she passed. That dog was awesome on every level. It's been a few years and we're ready for a new family dog. I like bigger dogs for the home security and protection factors they lend to by appearance and nature. We live on 3 acres away from busy roads in a rural community. our daughters like to roam the property, go play at the creek etc and I would feel more comfortable knowing they have a dog with them. We have normal NW wildlife around like coyotes and Cougars. Wow, sounds like a lovely place to live I'm a stay at home mom and the dog would only be alone the random few hours here and there on shopping days etc.. I want a dog who can be left outside for a few hours and not run off or throw a fit. A husky will want to explore and may decide that it is too much fun to come back every time I want a dog I can if weather is bad leave in my home for a few hours and not come back to find it chewed to shreds. This is entirely possible, my boy never destroys stuff, but some do out of boredom I want a dog that will be protective but not attack anyone who comes up our road. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, a husky is much more likely to greet the intruder with happy smiles and desire to play One that is easy to train the basics. Huskies are very very smart, so it is easy to teach the basics, but getting them to comply when they don't want to is another matter. So some would say they are definitely not an easy dog to train. My biggest concerns with a husky is I have heard because of their sled dog nature they are runners and are basically impossible to keep home, is this true? You are right to be concerned about this. Some are escape artists and other aren't Our property is not fenced, I could do an overhead line or chain link kennel as a pup but ideally I'd like the dog to be able to be let out during the day to roam free and know it will stay close to home. Is this possible with a husky as I had with my GSD? Without fences you would need to create a secure run for the dog or you will most likely lose your husky in a short period of time I see this as a big issue. I've also heard Husky's are notorious chicken eaters. Is this unavoidable? Our nearest neighbors have free range chickens, I don't want to be at war with my neighbors because our dog eats their chickens. Is this something that only occurs once they get the taste and usually won't occur? Also we have cats, I assume like most any breed of raised around them they're fine. May chase and "play" but won't hurt. My boy would be dining out on fresh chickens or small animals if he could get to them. Some people do keep Huskies and cats together, but I don't have experience with this and I wouldn't personally risk it. Thanks ahead of time for your input and knowledge! Thank you again for doing your research. I would think that there are many other beautiful breeds that would suit your lifestyle better and cause less stress. Like This Quote MultiQuote
  11. Hi David Welcome to the forum What part of Oz are you from? Also is this for academic research or are you an owner just looking for information ? There is no problem if it is for either, I know some Bi eyed huskies locally, but haven't checked close enough for parti
  12. I have wooden floors and it works perfectly. You don't need any bicarb soda.
  13. Welcome aboard Michael and Aqua, she looks wonderful!
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