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  1. Thank you everyone... we have discussed CBD with the specialists and they can't recommend we use it as it has not been approved in this country. However they didn't rule it out. We have Loxicom for him, but when we give it to him he looks so dejected we are not sure if its making him feel better or worse. He has had Chemotherapy which has stopped anymore tumors but two of the Tumors grew, one by 1cm and the smaller one by 2.5cm. He is now on Chlorambucil tablets 2 per day. At present he is still enjoying life, happy to go on walks, play with Bella and the boys in short bursts of speed.
  2. Hey not been on here for a long while. Been busy Training, starting up my Dog walking Business (solo Or family doggos Only) And Running a dog training school. I have missed this lovely forum. So thats the happy news. Unfortunately, if that's the correct wording our super star best Husky boy in the world has lung cancer, but has battled the odds since April this year to still be here with us (ain't that just the stubborn Husky way!!) Has anybody else had or currently going through terminal cancer with their handsome/beautiful Husky. X
  3. Awwwww it cut out, the work computer police strike again. Will watch it when at home.
  4. Last seen in garden doing a rain dance. Not working Will try a bit of land mass movement.
  5. Just been out with the woofs, beautiful sunny romp around the park. Lucky now smells of fox poop. Need some of your rain to wash it off. understanding you have a lot of it at the moment.
  6. Dave its so difficult knowing what is best. What's your gut telling you? What will the MRI tell you? Have they said if it will conclusively give you an answer? If so I would go down this route. If not then you are no better off and I would speak to all the professionals you have been in contact with; especially the vet who treated Zoya. I am glad I had Noah's lump removed even though I was told it was prob only a fatty tissue lump. It was evident on examination. I waited 2 months till he was a year then we had him neutered and the lump removed . I wish I'd followed my instinct that it w
  7. You ought to see all the toys on their side Its like doggy Toy's R Us.
  8. Brandon, Marks Grandson has come to visit. For their own safety we sent the Furkids up into the garden and shut the gate. Not often you have the opportunity to take a photo of them all together that isn't blurred. Noah, Howler, Bella and Lucky.
  9. Poor Eisa I'm glad the treatment is working. Really hope she makes a full recovery very soon.
  10. On this day today I told a lie and a truth to a customer and he did not like either. Then I came home and cleaned the bathroom
  11. Deer me (sorry), thats going to take a while to chomp through.
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