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  1. Thank you everyone... we have discussed CBD with the specialists and they can't recommend we use it as it has not been approved in this country. However they didn't rule it out. We have Loxicom for him, but when we give it to him he looks so dejected we are not sure if its making him feel better or worse. He has had Chemotherapy which has stopped anymore tumors but two of the Tumors grew, one by 1cm and the smaller one by 2.5cm. He is now on Chlorambucil tablets 2 per day. At present he is still enjoying life, happy to go on walks, play with Bella and the boys in short bursts of speed. He loves training and is at his most animated when he goes to class bless him. Ha ha he Husky talks all over the trainer when she speaks. The vets say we are very lucky for him to be doing so well, but given the lung capacity of a Husky even with 50% of his lungs taken up with Tumor he still can breath well with the other 50% as long as he takes it easy. Will keep you updated on how he is doing, if we can make a year after diagnosis we will certainly have been blessed. However we are realistic and if he shows signs of depression or severe physical discomfort we will not let him suffer.
  2. Hey not been on here for a long while. Been busy Training, starting up my Dog walking Business (solo Or family doggos Only) And Running a dog training school. I have missed this lovely forum. So thats the happy news. Unfortunately, if that's the correct wording our super star best Husky boy in the world has lung cancer, but has battled the odds since April this year to still be here with us (ain't that just the stubborn Husky way!!) Has anybody else had or currently going through terminal cancer with their handsome/beautiful Husky. X
  3. Shame on you Emma........ :-) Poor Bear.
  4. Ronin Looks asgorgeous as ever, Thor is nealy as gorgeous but not quite. Excellent Photos. :-) Hows Little Tigger??
  5. We had probs with our 2 puppies changed them to Arden Grange not had a problem since. :-)
  6. Poor Nana, she will be a different dog when she has had it done. Facing this with Bella. X
  7. I have two teenagers Howler and Lucky, continually play fighting giving each other little wounds. Noah my Husky has had cancer to the sebaceous gland and this was completely different, it presented as a fatty lump palatable from the surface of the skin and did not reduce. I would recommend any worries that you contact your vet.
  8. Hi Tyla does she have a play mate who she has rough play with?
  9. and Nothing to add. She is so cute. Hope the tummy troubles resolve quickly now.
  10. Happy New Year Clare. Love the pics. They are so Gooooorgeous.
  11. So when did the Yoga classes start. I'm not sure Wodak has quite understood the moves. Looks very cute though.
  12. Ha ha Loved reading this. Can't wait for the next training report. Marley certainly has his looks going for him. Sounds like Lunar already has a large soft spot for Marley. :-)
  13. Here is a photo of Akita pups. I would say your pup was a x between Akita x Husky or maybe Malamute. Who knows. Scout is just gorgeous and I'm no expert.
  14. Love her little freckles on her nose. Hope it was excitement.
  15. Happy New Year Rob & Di. and all your Fur Babies X X
  16. Hoping 2016 Brings happiness and everything you need. X Take Care and see you all in the New Year.
  17. Why Thank you Kindly. Nom Nom.
  18. So want this but it would have to be with the my side right in the middle for Noah. Bed pest.
  19. I love Paddington I'd of been watching right next to him.... maybe shuffling him along a bit... And demanding the customary sandwich please. No bits please.
  20. So are we allowed to say who was Secret Santa. Or shall the Mystery of Santa remain.
  21. Will post pics later. Thank you my secret santa. Love the picture frames and the woofs say thank for their yummy treats. X oh and the sweet card. :-)
  22. Merry xmas to you and your family. :-)
  23. Hi. Been missing your posts. :-) just wrapped my kids candles up. Happy 2016 to my 3 beautiful human kids. Love ying and yang just like my Howler & Lucky. :-) happy Christmas. :-)
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