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11 Week Old Howling When We Go Out Or Leave Her Alone


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we have an 11 week old who cant go out until next week she barks and whines when we are out she howls also.

i recorded her on my Dictaphone and she is quite bad howling,barking for 10 mins solid then quiet for 5-10 then howling barking every 2 mins. we are only out for 30 mins max 60 mins we have tried one room and tried all room access she has loads of toys and kongs but still she does it hopefully it will be better after we can walk her what can we d in the mean time or if it doesn't stop? 

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Pretty normal for a baby pooch i'd say, it does take them a while to get used to their own company. My first, Skye, suffered with this terribly and luckily we had (and still do) have a wonderfully patient neighbour who loves Skye (and Holly) to bits so they can get away with just about anything.


Here are some things to try....


1. leave the radio on...or in our case the girls have their own TV, Skye is a massive telly addict lol

2. leave plenty of toys to play with...if you have a kong i used to freeze peanut butter in to it and that kept her busy for a while

3. leave something that smells of you

4. don't make a fuss of going out...i never say goodbye (as harsh as that sounds) and i also don't make a fuss of coming home

5. i used an Adaptil plug in right next to Skye's crate, these omit pheromones that the mothers produce when nursing to act as a calmer

6. leave by a different door so she doesn't know you've gone - basically change your routine because she will have got used to the things you do before you leave and panic before you've even gone

7. have a set of toys just for when you go out - take them away when you are home and give them back when you go...sneak them in the crate though otherwise she will notice it as a routine thing

8. a ticking clock can sometimes be useful (if you don't use the TV or radio idea) as this mimics the sound of mums heartbeat


She will get there but it does take time, i think for Skye she never really settled until she was about 7 months (then we had  a major set back and endde up getting Holly). They are both used to being home alone (crated) and know that's part of our daily routine, of course they get fed up after a while and the little old lady next door will talk to them through the wall if they start, but those days are few now. If however we are ever later than normal in getting home Holly gets fed up before Skye and you can hear her chattering all the way out in the street, Skye doesn't get a word in edgeways these days lol


Good luck

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