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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all! Looking for advice/help. Out husky is 3 years(as of January) old but we only got on the 4th March. She's been in the family since birth but due to family troubles we've ended up taking her. Up until us she lives with two other huskies (mum and dad). When we first got her she distoryed al it if things and we put it down to missing them. However since then we've looked after her daughter for two weeks and she did the same so now we know it's us she's missing. She's very loving and follows me round everywhere, she's definitely a mummy's girl! Shes crated in the day and she's stopped moving the crate across the room, although does try and get out. She doesn't shred anything any more either (i.e mats and bedding) however she does scratch the door massively and it's a big problem due to us being in a rented house... we touch a massive gambled having her and I promise don't the landlord she was excellent behaviour. We are seeing progress but I just wondered if anyone had any more tips or advice. She doesn't bother with toys and we have a kong. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, we have a 9 week old Siberian and she was introduced to our home two days ago. She has not yet learned how to use her puppy pads and hasn't had her vaccinations so we can't let her out to go to the toilet yet. This means that we have to keep an eye on her at all times in case she goes on the carpet. When we can't keep an eye on her or we are busy, we put her in the conservatory (which we have carpeted with puppy pads!) her cage, bad and blankets are I in here too so we are trying to make it her 'den' area and she likes it but if we shut the door as we have to and walk away for even just an hour or so she howls and screams and scratches until you come back. I know that it is done because she knows if she yells loud enough she will be let out and we have been ignoring her and firmly telling her 'no', but i need to know if we are doing the right thing and how we can train her to be more comfortable with being left alone for short periods of time. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. Molly going crazy over the squeaker. Sapphire ripped it from her toy so I was squeezing it and molly started doing this, so i had to naturally record it and post it. Also, please be nice about her face. Yes she is a full Siberian. She was bit by my eldest Siberian when she was 9 Weeks old. It was one of those accidents that cost me a lot of time and money. She's a wonderful dog with a face that only adds to her personality!
  4. Hi guys could do a bit of advice. Me and my boyfriend have finally managed to move out in to our own home which we are renting. Before we were living with his parents pretty much out of one bedroom. We crate trained Thor for a while and he was good however we decided to give him a bit of trust which eventually left him in the bedroom on free roam. After a few hiccups he was very good just something destroyed every so often which was fine by us. We trained him to be OK in the bedroom and sometimes this was for 8 hours a day however usually between 4 - 6 hours. He was good as gold so we thought that when we moved out we would be OK. However now that we have moved out we have had a few trouble which we expected because it is a completely new house. The first problem was that the type of door we have means it would be easy for Thor to jump up and open and it opens straight in to the living room. So we decided to let Thor have the bedroom until we could find a solution to the door. He ripped up the carpet and also pooped in the bedroom something he has not done since he was house trained. So the next time we left him downstairs and he was good and with finding a solution to the door we thought this would be OK. However one of our neighbors caught my boyfriend when he was arriving home and said that Thor howls all the time that we leave this was never a problem before and seems to be something new that he has started. Due to moving we thought it could be that we are not walking him enough so today we walked him on two walks an hour and half walk at a time. Then we had to pop out to get some shopping so we thought we would record him so we know what he does when we are out. Although only getting 8 mins it clearly show him howling very loudly for a while. Does anybody have any ideas what we could do? We are obviously upping his walks and I'm going to start giving him a frozen Kong hopefully this will keep him entertained for a while.There are several reasons that he could be howling; 1) New House 2) Although he was left alone in our previous house there were other people downstairs so maybe he could hear them 3) I read earlier when researching this that it could be that he is actually seeing us leave as he is in the front room whereas before he was in the bedroom in our other house. Sorry for the long post!
  5. Quick question, my puppy Zeus tends to bark a lot. That sentence is meant to ask the question, is there an age where a husky stops barking and maybe start howling more? Reason I ask is because I have noticed that when he was REALLY little, he barked. Now he is started to whine and howl more. Barking is still there, but less. Is this a common occurrence as Huskies mature?
  6. we have an 11 week old who cant go out until next week she barks and whines when we are out she howls also. i recorded her on my Dictaphone and she is quite bad howling,barking for 10 mins solid then quiet for 5-10 then howling barking every 2 mins. we are only out for 30 mins max 60 mins we have tried one room and tried all room access she has loads of toys and kongs but still she does it hopefully it will be better after we can walk her what can we d in the mean time or if it doesn't stop?
  7. Hi, My puppy is now around 5 months old and doesn't seem to make any noises that I would associate with a husky. Her howling doesn't sound like a howl and only happens when she's angry that we've left her in the room that she stays in and she wants to come with us. The noises that she makes that sound as close to when you hear them 'talking' just sound like a longer version of her cry/howl. It's strange to describe! Anyhow, do they all howl or do some never get to that stage? Is it her age that she can't seem to sound like the other ones i've heard haha? Any advice on encouraging this would be great or letting me know about your experiences with your own dogs
  8. Hello, i found this site at 5 am this morning and I've been searching all over for tips and ideas on what else i can do to settle my 15 month old husky. She's beautiful and my family and i love her to pieces, her name is Karma and we have had her for almost a year. My family and i have tried so many things to get her to settle and to wear her out so that she will calm down a little but no matter what we do, nothing ever seems good enough for her. When we first got Karma she was fretful and had abandonment issues and couldn't stand being apart from us, especially my mum! The people we rescued her from used to keep her in their flat all day, locked in a pokey kitchen for stupid amounts of hours a day. She was never taken for walks and her coat was filthy! When her previous owners came round to 'show' us Karma they originally came round so we could meet her and see how she would get on with our cats before we made any commitment. Little did we know her owners had other ideas. They had her things all packed in the boot of the car ready to dump her the second we agreed to have her. So within 10 minutes of our poor husky meeting us she was left with complete strangers and her previous owners disappeared off in their car. She hasn't had a great start in life, within her first 5 months of life she has had 3 sets of owners so re-homing karma AGAIN is the very last option my family and i would like to take. Sleeping at night On the first night of getting Karma we put rules in place, She would sleep downstairs and have no access to upstairs, That was our domain and she was to respect that...That didn't quite go to plan. After my family and i dispersed off to bed Karma cried and whined for hours upon hours because she hated being alone. So 1 at a time through the night my mum and i would go to the bottom of the stairs, reassure her, show her to her bed and after 10 minutes we would go back to bed, and then the crying and the whining would start again. I see now that going down to her on that first night was the biggest mistake we could of made, from day one we should of created rules and stuck to them but to hear any animal distressed and unhappy breaks our hearts and i couldn't bear being the ones causing her distress. The next night my mum decided for a decent night sleep for us all, she would allow karma to sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed, This worked wonders!! up until now.. She now paces the hallway and stairs all night, howling at the top of her lungs to go out for a wee up to 10 times a night. She nuzzles my mum awake every night for attention and the sleep deprivation is getting to us all! I am currently 2 weeks away from giving birth to my first child (I'm 21) and we've come to the conclusion this has to stop! we cant keep living under Karmas rules anymore, Seeing to her every need every night for what we believed would make life easier, it hasn't! she rules the roost! So yesterday my mum and i went out and bought a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs, A new plastic bed and a comfy throw, we even lay out her favorite teddy bear for comfort so she had something with her smell on it. We've decided enough is enough and she has to learn the pecking order once and for all. My mum and i spent all day and all night going and back and forth to her new bed with her getting her to climb in of her own free will, demand her to sit and rewarding her with a treat and a stroke so she would know that her new bed is a nice place to go, its not for scolding. We kept this up the entire day, Kept the stairway gated off so that she got used to the idea that she wasnt allowed upstairs anymore, she didn't seem too bothered by this...Until bedtime crept up on us slowly and it was time to put our words into action for real now, it was showtime! We let her out for her last wee of the night, she was fed 5 hours previously like normal and we did what all the forums and husky advice pages told us, do not pamper to her needs, do not overcompensate with the stroking before you leave her because of your own guilt. She will learn that its bedtime and bedtime means you sleep, yeah right! have these people ever owned a husky?! Nothing is quite that straight forward! We told her 'bed' pointed to her new bed she got in and sat down and seemed quite happy to be there, until we shut the gate and disappeared off upstairs. To cut a long story short(ish) She has spent the ENTIRE night howling, crying, chewing door frames, scratching at doors and practicing some acrobats, she only manages to climb the banisters, through the gap, past the gate and up the stairs.. I had to watch from the top of the stairs in sheer shock just to believe and to be honest, fathom out how on earth she got upstairs! She has destroyed our carpet at the bottom of the stairs and the top of the landing, chewed the upstairs door frame too, and as to what i can make out, she's peed on the landing. I then decided i couldn't lay back listening to her destroying our home any longer, so i got up, silently walked out of my bedroom, took her by the collar and led her to her bed, repeated the word 'bed' demanded her to sit, gave her a treat for what was good behavior and followed the rules, i closed the gate and disappeared upstairs. This went on for 2 hours, unbeknownst to me my mum has been up in the night too crying and trying to settle her as well, nothing has helped and we are at our wits end. I am due any day now and my mum is working a full time job. Karma has company all day everyday, she goes for a 4 mile walk everyday and i spent up to an hour everyday playing games and practicing her clicker training with her as that's all i can do at the moment as i am so heavily pregnant and i have been advised not to walk Karma as she is a sled pulling dog and i wouldn't stand a chance! To anyone else this might not seem like a big deal but this is just one of the situations we are dealing with, with karma. She also shreds our mail, howls through out the tv all day and all night because shes not getting our sole attention, shes pulling my mum and brother down the street ( we have ordered a backpack now as just the Halti is not working) she nips for attention, which to an adult is not a big deal because its a playful nip, but to my little cousins its quite frightening, shes a big dog! She will just of been fed and she will still go down the bin and pull out the rubbish, mainly teabags, she does like a good old munch on a pg tip! She howls and rattles the back door keys to go out for a wee, we get up to let her out and she walks off, or she'll go out, run to the end of the path turn round and jump the back door to come back in, less than 2 seconds later, we open the door for her and she runs away. its all a massive game to karma, but were not playing anymore we have had enough. we have tried numerous amounts of ways to get her to stop this attitude she has developed, and my mum stepped up as the Alpha and has become very stern with her. Simple things like 'OUT' when she walks into the kitchen whilst we're cooking, she picks up within minutes, and she can do it. But this sleeping pattern, and her disturbances we cant seem to crack! Please, has anyone got any other suggestions for us to try? We don't want to give up on her and we would love for her to be a part of our family until her very last days, shes beautiful in so many other ways, her behavior is just out of control and with a baby due any day now, there is only so much more of this we can withstand. Someone help us!! Thank you, Yasmin xx
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