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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! Looking for advice/help. Out husky is 3 years(as of January) old but we only got on the 4th March. She's been in the family since birth but due to family troubles we've ended up taking her. Up until us she lives with two other huskies (mum and dad). When we first got her she distoryed al it if things and we put it down to missing them. However since then we've looked after her daughter for two weeks and she did the same so now we know it's us she's missing. She's very loving and follows me round everywhere, she's definitely a mummy's girl! Shes crated in the day and she's stopped moving the crate across the room, although does try and get out. She doesn't shred anything any more either (i.e mats and bedding) however she does scratch the door massively and it's a big problem due to us being in a rented house... we touch a massive gambled having her and I promise don't the landlord she was excellent behaviour. We are seeing progress but I just wondered if anyone had any more tips or advice. She doesn't bother with toys and we have a kong. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, we have a 9 week old Siberian and she was introduced to our home two days ago. She has not yet learned how to use her puppy pads and hasn't had her vaccinations so we can't let her out to go to the toilet yet. This means that we have to keep an eye on her at all times in case she goes on the carpet. When we can't keep an eye on her or we are busy, we put her in the conservatory (which we have carpeted with puppy pads!) her cage, bad and blankets are I in here too so we are trying to make it her 'den' area and she likes it but if we shut the door as we have to and walk away for even just an hour or so she howls and screams and scratches until you come back. I know that it is done because she knows if she yells loud enough she will be let out and we have been ignoring her and firmly telling her 'no', but i need to know if we are doing the right thing and how we can train her to be more comfortable with being left alone for short periods of time. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. So I last posted about Ciba almost two months ago when he tore his CCL and had to have a TPLO surgery. The recovery has been fantastic on his knee however he has been having some other serious problems from about the 1st week he was home. He started to cry when he ate too much food (a few mouthfuls) and then after a few days if he did it again he would cry and then regurgitate his food that he just ate. I returned to the vet, they scoped him and found some esophageal ulcers which were giving him some grief. He was treated with Omeprazole and Sulcralfate and only feed a tablespoon of gastro canned food every 30 minutes - any more and it would cause and episode. Things were ok for a while but any time he ate any piece of garbage (small piece of cardboard etc) he would cry and throw it up. We had an episode yesterday where after having a small bit of food he started to cry but not throw up at first. He did regurgitate but then continued to cry for almost an hour, and on the way to the Vet. He was given an injection of Dihydromorphone since he was in obvious distress which helped and he slept ok last night. The vet made an appointment this morning with the specialist to have another ultrasound, scope, blood work etc. The results we got were that his leg has healed perfectly, the ulcers are gone and there's no scar tissue from them, his stomach seems fine, his intestine are fine, and some debris was found in his bladder but nothing serious. Blood work showed no pancreatitis either. They don't know whats wrong. Still if he eats too much he has an episode right away. They are keeping him over night for observation and will do another ultrasound in the morning. If nothing is found they will consult and internal medicine specialist. This video is from about 2 weeks ago and was when I tried to give him a bit of food before the 30 minutes was up. He's in obvious distress, it breaks my heart to watch. If anyone has had any similar experiences I would appreciate to hear from you.
  4. we have an 11 week old who cant go out until next week she barks and whines when we are out she howls also. i recorded her on my Dictaphone and she is quite bad howling,barking for 10 mins solid then quiet for 5-10 then howling barking every 2 mins. we are only out for 30 mins max 60 mins we have tried one room and tried all room access she has loads of toys and kongs but still she does it hopefully it will be better after we can walk her what can we d in the mean time or if it doesn't stop?
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