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  1. Hi we are interested in getting a land sled for our girl to carry 1 person
  2. Our girl had her first season and was off her food, now a month later she isn't really interested in it we have tried just leaving it down or feeding her on times morning and night but she just eats a mouthful and lays down. Has she gone off that brand? We are feeding her purina robust puppy or should I buy an adult food now cause she is 1 any suggestions please would be great
  3. our pup keeps mouthing the cat on his neck we keep trying to distract her when it happens but she keeps going back to him what doesn't help is he lets her do it like he enjoys it he is a bengal
  4. we have an 11 week old who cant go out until next week she barks and whines when we are out she howls also. i recorded her on my Dictaphone and she is quite bad howling,barking for 10 mins solid then quiet for 5-10 then howling barking every 2 mins. we are only out for 30 mins max 60 mins we have tried one room and tried all room access she has loads of toys and kongs but still she does it hopefully it will be better after we can walk her what can we d in the mean time or if it doesn't stop?
  5. hello my name is Emma and we have 11 week old alexis hello my name is Emma and we have 11 week old alexis
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