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RIP Koda - 15/03/2023


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Cant believe Im writing another one of these. Will just copy what I wrote on FB.


15 years ago, I caved in to my wife and let her have a dog. I said I would never have a dog in the house, but I loved my parents dogs to bits, and since they were having pups, if we were going to have one, it was going to be a husky. We called him Kimba, and he changed the way we lived our lives.

A year later we got Kaiser. Another husky (his brother). Kimba needed a companion so he wasnt so needy, so that was ok. Sarah had got him before I even knew about it.

With this, we started a community of husky owners. Throughout the years we have run husky holidays where we have had from 3 to 130 huskies together at a time. We've run walks around the UK with them, got the attention of local press in various areas and more. It really did become our whole life, to the degree I now work with communities for a living. Most of the people I know, have been involved in the our community in one way or another. Whether people who like us, or people who hate us.

A year after getting kaiser, another husky, Koda, was dumped at my parents house. Having had 5 homes previously, being quite disruptive, and quite loud, we kinda got why. (He was ripping doorframes off). But he was a loving dog. After coming to our house where he was "100% not staying", I wouldn't let him leave. (As Sarah said in the first place, of course)

Getting all 3 at very similar ages was always going to come with the inevitable downside. They were all likely to go around the same time too. It was going to happen, and I knew that.

In the last 7.5 weeks, we have had to come to the terms with losing all 3 of our huskies in a very short space of time. To say it's got to us is an understatement. Broken is the only word I can find that has come close, and somehow it doesn't quite cut it.

You were my friends, and my family. Goodbye Kimba, Kaiser, and Koda.

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Can not even begin to think about what you guys are going through  -   I know I am looking at the same sort of thing with my two rescues - only 6 months between them,  - although Marley has many health issues and Mikey is as fit as a butcher's dog.

Run far Kaiser,  run free.

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