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3 y/o rescue separation anxiety

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Hello! We have a beautiful husky/malamute mix who was rescued about three months ago and is three years old. She likes to hang out by herself, lay on the cool floor, and look out the window. The rescue said she was one of the most calm, chill huskies and we see it! After a month went by, when both me and my boyfriend left the home for an hour or two we would find things chewed sometimes. It's not every time either but has figured out how to open the pantry doors and use her nose for the storage trunk... Lol. Last weekend, she was fast asleep so I went to bed as per usual. I woke up to one of my books chewed, her likely thinking no one came home and that she was alone. I give her blueberries and have her sit, paw, lay down and stay for me while I go out the door for work. She inconsistently seems to get upset - 75% of time she's ok but others my entire coffee table is knocked over with stuff chewed within an hour. We have a small apartment and really prefer not to try to crate her - I think she'll just find a way out.. any advice for my sweetie??

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I wish I did  -  I can only think of trying to get her to a dog park and letting her run wild for an hour before leaving her at home  - she will be tired and will probably sleep most of the time you are away.      I waited until we were retired before getting my first husky  -  and as a pup he still managed to destroy a complete suite.  Have you thought of getting a camera and if you see her starting to destroy stuff  just correct her using your phone.    If she hears your voice she may behave.    Also one of the toughest Kongs with treats inside etc.

There is 'music for dogs'  that is supposed to calm them down when left alone.    Other than that its a case of  retraining to be left alone  i.e. start with  5 mins, 10 mins,20 mins.    Most Mals are able to get out of cages  (sheer size and strength)  the one we fostered was only 8/9 months old but was bigger (and stronger) than a Newfoundland at that age.

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Thank you both! I definitely use the puppy calming music and start to put it on when I get ready for work, so it's not for her to associate only when I leave. It's so strange that sometimes she is perfectly fine for a couple hours and others, she will do something in like five minutes! She loves to run at the dog park and since she's not super energetic to begin with she is DONE lol. I thought about keeping her in my bedroom where there's less risk, but honestly I think it will just take some time. I've learned they are capable of really anything! She could chew or scratch, or be a sleeping angel :) I do have the blink cameras where we xan talk to her, sometimes it seems like the damage is already done though LOL. We got her a crate to help her feel more cozy in addition to retrain her when we know we have a day to go out, and I'm also gonna try the Purina calming probiotic at the recommendation of my vet.  If we have to go out more than a couple hours, we will get someone to watch and love her. Hope for the best!!

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I ran into this same issue, unfortunately, and I too was strongly against crating. But one day, I broke down after she got my wallet. I finally got a crate, and I tried it out, luring her in with cheese and just petting all over her until she would go in on her own. I put her thick, comfy bed in there (it fits perfectly) and by the end of the day, she was napping in there with a toy under her paws and seemed super happy.

It turns out, she was destructive not just because she was lonely when I stepped outside (save for the cat), but also because she really needed her own space. She is rarely locked in there; I actually tie the door open if I'm home. She spends most of her time napping inside with the door wide open. She's in there right now, snoozing away, in fact. Having her own corner with her expensive dog bed has really helped her feel more secure and she has not destroyed anything in almost a month! (Knock on wood!)

I know it seems really messed up sometimes, but think of a crate as a bedroom: a kid will voluntarily play in their bedroom, and a dog will voluntarily nap in their crate. A human adult will voluntarily game in a computer room. To a dog, they have a little bedroom, perfect for snoozes and chewing on a toy sometimes.

I have an apartment and I know that crates, especially ones for a husky, can be massive and expensive. I found one that looks nice and I added a spot for my cat to the top, so now they actually nap together: one in the crate, one on top.

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