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Hi everyone Charmedkelz huskies here 😊🐾🐾


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hi everyone we are a small working & show kennels in South Yorkshire and I’d like to introduce you to our family we are the Charmedkelz pack from top left we have Riley, Angel, Phoebi, Piper, Kizer, Phoenix, Buck, Pixie and Sky we love to work in harness & some like to strut there stuff in the ring and we all love to lounge about at home we also have a couple of crosses Jess our oldie/nanna she’s 15 husky x collie 


and Milo our rescue he’s husky x mally x shepherd 


we also have a Chihuahua who lives with us most weekends called Meela 


then we have our humans Kelly(mum), Matt (dad) & big sister Layla 

mum has owned, worked & shown the breed for around 10years now and loves learning about all the northern breeds, she’s training up to be a judge for our breed & loves to research pedigrees and lines.

dad loves to work with us but hates showing even though we think he’s quite good at mincing round the ring lol 😜 

dad also went out to handle and work with Rob Cooke in Canada 🐾

we have all been having fun racing this season too the youngsters Buck, Pixie and Phoenix are winning 3 dog championship with the Siberian Husky club and the sisters Phoebi and Piper are 3rd in the 2 dog championships as well as 2nd in the Junior championship with Layla and the veterans Angel & Riley are in 3rd in the championships at present with one last race to do this weekend in wales 😊🐾🐾

we also were at crufts Saturday strutting our stuff & Buck managed to get a 1st place in post graduate dog out of a big class of 18 dogs super proud of our boy 😊🐾🐾

we have a website in progress and Facebook page if anyone wants to follow us and see what we are getting up to also has our pedigrees on website if anyone wants to see 




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