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  1. Sorry for your loss. I agree with you that there are many problems for which we must fight. We need implementing of bill of rights for animals, which would spell out such laws. Fundamental animal rights must be established at the legislative level. I experienced many problems on myself, and many read https://studydriver.com/animal-rights-essay/, and we have no other choice but to insist on creating a regulator for animals.
  2. Greetings to you, Dolcey and Kaylai 😊
  3. Don't like dating sites. a lot of scam there
  4. My hobby is soccer. I like to play soccer, watch soccer, play soccer simulators on my PS.
  5. I admit, you should have an interesting topic. Mine is more sad. I am writing an essay on cruelty to animals , and having studied some of the information and read the samples, I honestly am horrified by some things. It’s hard to suggest, but if you are not indifferent to this topic, you can read examples of several essays here . It is hard to imagine that some of the people around us are so cruel.
  6. Hi guys, such a question... your dog can handle the trip in the car? I have some kind of mystique, he was sitting quietly in an old car, and as soon as I bought a Ford Aspire a month ago, he behaves in the car like a crazy.
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