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Over excited, hyper behaviour isuess


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Hello everyone :)


I would really appreciate some advices. 

Conan is my third dog ( I had samoyed for almost 10 years, now I have berger blanc suisse together with Conan) and I've never seen anything like that. 

Everyone who knows me and my dogs, knows how much  devotion and time I put in them. 

Let me tell you something about  our life. Conan gets 3 walks per day, we hike, he do canicross, we go skateboarding, swimming, he plays with my other dog, meeting with my  friend's dogs... 3 times per week we do 22-24km hike. Usually Conan is active with me and Sky ( BBS) at least 3 hours per day, in most cases more. 3 times per week from 13.00 pm-19.00 pm or even more.

As soon as I got him,  (as a puppy) I've been working with him on self-control, recall, heeling, he has 100% STAY comand and a good recall. I've socialised him with goats, horses, cats, sheep, other dogs, took him on train, bus, long car and train trips, sea-side, vidits to my ex... 

I truly put all my efford in him. I've worked with shelter dogs, I was pretty good prepared on this breed. I've read everything I could find before I got him, I've met more than 30 husky owners and their dogs in person, a few registered breeders... I've talk through h social media with 2x more...

Conan respects me, I can take everything from his mouth, I'm the only person that he listens to, doesn't pull me, he listens to my every comand in most cases and situations.

Till it gets to the point when he's that excited. Of course I will be consistent and I will make sure that at the end mine word is last, but it can be soo frustrating...

The thing is...Conan gets super excited in some situations that are triggering to him. He gets veeeeery vocal ( would talk, whine, SCREAM, howl...) and jump up in the air and in some people which he doesn't respect. 

Example from today. My uncle came on a visit. I had Conan in my room. When my uncle step in the room, I could feel Conan's hyper energy, I grabbed him for his collar to prevent mouthing and jumping . ( The thing is, that Conan would NEVER jump on me and on people that he respects, every single person must  gather his respect, if he sees that other person's energy is similar to mine ; calm, confident, strict,  he will be calmer) and because he was filled with all this energy he started whining, howling, while I was holding him for his collar. If I'd release him, he'd start running, jumping in the air and would be crazy.

The thing is,i'm very worried. My ex had nice energy and Conan respected him, I could go on the visit and he was very calm. My ex was also very strict with him. 

The problem I see is in the future. You see, I'm dating a wondeful guy now, he's a wondrfull man, and his  heart is so big that he's too kind with everyone, including my dogs. And Conan takes advantage of it. I am thinking of moving in with him in near future. But I'm soo affraid how would it go with Conan. He doesn't see a problem ( not yet) and he suggested that we go slowly, first taking my shepherd on vistits to his house, then Conan alone. At the end we try with both. 

The last time he was at my place Conan was nuts. He understands the word " go to sleep"  and always obeys it, but that day,  he was running around at my place till midnight I had to close him in my room, so we could have sex, that was so embarrising. Conan gets very hyper around some people... The last time I walked three dogs (  my friend's czechoslovakian wolfdog , Sky and Conan) everything was fine, all  dogs were following me without even one pull, were walking right nex to me, it was a dreamy situation. I was walking them 5 days everyday together, tlet them off lead, they were 100% obedient, we went through town, full of people, dogs, ...None of them pulled me even for a sec. I truly looked like Cesar Milan :P 

But then it happened. One guy came to us, wanted to pet the dogs,he had happy energy, and Conan went nuts. He started screaming, jumping in the air so high that he jumped to that's man face... I was consistent and calmed him down, till all dogs were on "down" comand. But still... I'm doing my best...I'm always calm when I work with dogs. Specialy with dealing with hyper ones. But Conan simetimes drives me crazy. 

Let me tell you, Conan is used to elevator full of people and he ignores them, sits beside me. 

But there are some situations ( not every day, not even every week) that cause that behavior.AND NO MATTER HOW TIRED HE IS, HOW MANY MILES WE WALK, IF WE RUN ALL DAY... HE'LL STILL GET INTO THAT STATE .

I can't imagine taking him to my new boyfriend's house... See, he lives in a huge house, has a cat, and  his parents live next door. He has an open space house, evwrything is alwas open. I'm affraid that Conan will be missBEhaved and nuts as he might be. Even If I walke him properly till he's almost dead, I think that wouldn't help...

I can imagine that Conan visit his house would be a total nightmare. He loves my boyfriend and gets completely different dog, hyper, over excited, vocal... 

I just don't want that  visiting my boyfriend's house would be a disaster. Of course his parents love animals and WILL want to meet ConaN. I can imagine Conan getting in that hyper state, jumping around, screaming...

It's like he has two faces. He can be 100% obedient, calm, would sit in the road full of people on comand. People  and other husky owners say that he's one of the most well trained huskies. 

It's so sad, because you could see him on the same walk in totally calm, very nice behaviour, then my friend will come or my boyfriend and he'll go nuts. And before he could meet 20 different people and will be calm and well behaved.

How  do you deal with it, what would you do? I don't wanna make the worse impression on my boyfriend and his parents.

The problem is that there is no other person that could have him off lead, make him lay down and heel,  take everything from his mouth, except of me. And I see that my new boyfriend is a total sweet-heart and gentle soul, Conan would laugh into his face, scream on him. 

I can't imagine leaving these two guys alone.


How do you handle when your huskies get so exctited and it's so hard to keep them calm?


Otherwise Consn is very well trained and behaved dog.

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My boy gets in a zone. Has  obsessive disorder. LOL He was seriously  diagnosed with it 😂🥴

Pet Corrector or any pressurized air. Worked great for mine. Don’t do it around their face. I hide it so he doesn’t know where it is coming from and only when nothing else is snapping him out of it. Don’t want him getting used to it.

My girl flattens out like she is ducking for an in coming air assault. Hehhee 

Place training and impulse training works great.

Did wonders for mine.

My boy used to run backwards, scream, gator roll, jump 4 feet straight up, and bit the leash. 

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