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  1. Thank you so much for your kibd words! I very much appreciate it.
  2. Hello everyone I would really appreciate some advices. Conan is my third dog ( I had samoyed for almost 10 years, now I have berger blanc suisse together with Conan) and I've never seen anything like that. Everyone who knows me and my dogs, knows how much devotion and time I put in them. Let me tell you something about our life. Conan gets 3 walks per day, we hike, he do canicross, we go skateboarding, swimming, he plays with my other dog, meeting with my friend's dogs... 3 times per week we do 22-24km hike. Usually Conan is active with me and Sky ( BBS) at least 3 hours per day, in most cases more. 3 times per week from 13.00 pm-19.00 pm or even more. As soon as I got him, (as a puppy) I've been working with him on self-control, recall, heeling, he has 100% STAY comand and a good recall. I've socialised him with goats, horses, cats, sheep, other dogs, took him on train, bus, long car and train trips, sea-side, vidits to my ex... I truly put all my efford in him. I've worked with shelter dogs, I was pretty good prepared on this breed. I've read everything I could find before I got him, I've met more than 30 husky owners and their dogs in person, a few registered breeders... I've talk through h social media with 2x more... Conan respects me, I can take everything from his mouth, I'm the only person that he listens to, doesn't pull me, he listens to my every comand in most cases and situations. Till it gets to the point when he's that excited. Of course I will be consistent and I will make sure that at the end mine word is last, but it can be soo frustrating... The thing is...Conan gets super excited in some situations that are triggering to him. He gets veeeeery vocal ( would talk, whine, SCREAM, howl...) and jump up in the air and in some people which he doesn't respect. Example from today. My uncle came on a visit. I had Conan in my room. When my uncle step in the room, I could feel Conan's hyper energy, I grabbed him for his collar to prevent mouthing and jumping . ( The thing is, that Conan would NEVER jump on me and on people that he respects, every single person must gather his respect, if he sees that other person's energy is similar to mine ; calm, confident, strict, he will be calmer) and because he was filled with all this energy he started whining, howling, while I was holding him for his collar. If I'd release him, he'd start running, jumping in the air and would be crazy. The thing is,i'm very worried. My ex had nice energy and Conan respected him, I could go on the visit and he was very calm. My ex was also very strict with him. The problem I see is in the future. You see, I'm dating a wondeful guy now, he's a wondrfull man, and his heart is so big that he's too kind with everyone, including my dogs. And Conan takes advantage of it. I am thinking of moving in with him in near future. But I'm soo affraid how would it go with Conan. He doesn't see a problem ( not yet) and he suggested that we go slowly, first taking my shepherd on vistits to his house, then Conan alone. At the end we try with both. The last time he was at my place Conan was nuts. He understands the word " go to sleep" and always obeys it, but that day, he was running around at my place till midnight I had to close him in my room, so we could have sex, that was so embarrising. Conan gets very hyper around some people... The last time I walked three dogs ( my friend's czechoslovakian wolfdog , Sky and Conan) everything was fine, all dogs were following me without even one pull, were walking right nex to me, it was a dreamy situation. I was walking them 5 days everyday together, tlet them off lead, they were 100% obedient, we went through town, full of people, dogs, ...None of them pulled me even for a sec. I truly looked like Cesar Milan But then it happened. One guy came to us, wanted to pet the dogs,he had happy energy, and Conan went nuts. He started screaming, jumping in the air so high that he jumped to that's man face... I was consistent and calmed him down, till all dogs were on "down" comand. But still... I'm doing my best...I'm always calm when I work with dogs. Specialy with dealing with hyper ones. But Conan simetimes drives me crazy. Let me tell you, Conan is used to elevator full of people and he ignores them, sits beside me. But there are some situations ( not every day, not even every week) that cause that behavior.AND NO MATTER HOW TIRED HE IS, HOW MANY MILES WE WALK, IF WE RUN ALL DAY... HE'LL STILL GET INTO THAT STATE . I can't imagine taking him to my new boyfriend's house... See, he lives in a huge house, has a cat, and his parents live next door. He has an open space house, evwrything is alwas open. I'm affraid that Conan will be missBEhaved and nuts as he might be. Even If I walke him properly till he's almost dead, I think that wouldn't help... I can imagine that Conan visit his house would be a total nightmare. He loves my boyfriend and gets completely different dog, hyper, over excited, vocal... I just don't want that visiting my boyfriend's house would be a disaster. Of course his parents love animals and WILL want to meet ConaN. I can imagine Conan getting in that hyper state, jumping around, screaming... It's like he has two faces. He can be 100% obedient, calm, would sit in the road full of people on comand. People and other husky owners say that he's one of the most well trained huskies. It's so sad, because you could see him on the same walk in totally calm, very nice behaviour, then my friend will come or my boyfriend and he'll go nuts. And before he could meet 20 different people and will be calm and well behaved. How do you deal with it, what would you do? I don't wanna make the worse impression on my boyfriend and his parents. The problem is that there is no other person that could have him off lead, make him lay down and heel, take everything from his mouth, except of me. And I see that my new boyfriend is a total sweet-heart and gentle soul, Conan would laugh into his face, scream on him. I can't imagine leaving these two guys alone. WHAT CAN I DO? How do you handle when your huskies get so exctited and it's so hard to keep them calm? Otherwise Consn is very well trained and behaved dog.
  3. Thank you soo much for your feedback and kind words ! This year was one of the most difficult years for me, I've lost someone that stood years by my side, then he stabbed me in the back, also I'm working on my future job, taking classes. Had some family violence isuess, etc. I can say I came out as a better person, stronger than ever, I finally found myself, I now know what I want. I'm living my life without some people that I couldn't imagine my life, now I'm doing great and see how toxic certain people were and I finally see, I'm better off without them. Animals helped me through, I owe my life to Conan,Sky and Flynn. They are my motivation, inspiration and reason why I never give up. Thank you again for your kindness. I wish you all the best and good luck with your school ❤️
  4. I thought it would be lovely to share our summer adventure this august ❤️ Conan&Sky loved it! This year is something special. It's full of "first time to do things."And this summer brought many new opportunities, which I wouldn't miss for nothing. This year is also a year of changes and self growth. I did it all. I growth as a person, I would like to say I become wiser, but this wouldn't be the right word . But sure, I did become crazier and I don't worry that much anymore. I become ' I don't care, I'm just gonna do it' and ' I don't want to regret anything, so I'll try everything' person. I learnt how to stop and breathe, to let it go. Accept things the way they are and take every shot and chance that life brings to me. I learnt how to LIVE. And for the first time I can say, I'm really incredibly happy. This year I've confronted with my biggest fears and I came out as a winner. I finally understand what I want and who I really am. I finally see, that life is so much more than fears and pain. I love who I am today
  5. My friend and I both share the same passion. Siberian huskies, photography and hiking! We took our dogs and went on a 23km hike! Days like this truly fill full your soul. Hanging out with one of my best friends and a pack of well behaved amazing dogs, which we adore. Spending time in the middle of nowhere, nature was so beautiful yet mysterious. I truly shined today, so happy and glad to have people like this in my life. To have a ability to live this amazing journey!
  6. I started working with Conan "heel" and focus on me when I got him, at 8 weeks. With lots of rewards and praise. I never had issues. Also it helps because he knows that when he's on collar is heel walking time, when I put harness on him it's time for: * Don't mind for beggining of the video, it was made for fun, we enourage him to pull of the road, to make video more fun He is actually very good at pulling. He knows musher comands, he'll never pull when not told to, and he stops when I say so.
  7. My friends invited me to watch their farm and their animals while they were away. Randomly we found this beautiful place! It was truly breathtaking. Days like these keep reminding me of how beautiful life is and that you have to live every day like it's your last. This year was hard for us, but places like this give me energy and motivation to move on and truly LIVE!
  8. Omg, I love Floki! He's beautiful! My shepherd Sky, does it too! She would just crawl in your lap and you'll must hold her in the water 😉 Look at this, my new video of Conan talking 😂this is soooo cute. This is the only kind of talking, whining that I LOVE! ❤️ One of the reasons why I wanted this breed tho.
  9. Hi, Kelly 🙋‍♀️ You have a beautiful boy over there! They are such a gooffy funny brats 🤣 Yesterday Conan jumped into the really big pound and swam all around it, when he got out he got into his crazy happy state and was running around in circles barking and jumping all over the place Such a happy pup, we celebrated his first birthday Look at him 😁 video-1565269342.mp4 And this is how annoying he sometimes gets when we stop the car video-1565269465.mp4 This is him and me, when my friend came over. I don't have the whole thing, just the end, when he was already calm hahahah. video-1565269694.mp4
  10. I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
  11. Conan and I , spent his first birthday on 20km walk, it was amazing! Great bonding time. He was absolutely stunning, posing like a pro around many people, dogs, in the city.
  12. Hello world I'm a newbie and I just love your forum! You've all been so open and friendly to me, which I appreciate most. I have some questions about husky whining, screaming, howling etc. My boy is very sweet, he just turned 12 months. He's very obedient, I have none of the problems that husky owners have. He hasn't destroyed anything, he has a very good recall, he's perfect off lead, he does not pull on lead, he knows basic comands as sit, wait, heel, paw/other paw, five, beg, roll over, stand, and musher comands ( gee, haw, hike, whoa) He also is my photo model (I'm a photographer) , he would sit and wait almost everywhere I send him. I am a crate training supporter, but I never had to use it for him. He's completely fine home alone. The only issue I have with him is his vocal temperament. And it's sometimes driving me nuts. He just cannot see his breeders, he would go completely nuts, will scream his butt off, like he would be mixed with a monkey and hyena haha. He express his every mood with vocalisation. Sometimes when we're driving in the car (he is used to it, loves it because it means trips and sea side for him) he would whine everytime we stop or just out of boredom. Never ,when we go on a long distance travel, like he feels it, he would sleep the intire way. Sometimes when we go to store, a caffe or other short rides he would whine and be total annoying brat. He's also a jerk, he wants the whole car for himself, when my ex's dog was riding in the car with him, he was soo annoying, he was screaming, yelling, because he wanted all for himself. Also when my other female is driving with him, he would push her aside and nagg, whine. We've been working a lot on his vocalisation isuess. We haven't been able to meet any of my friends because he went completely insane, screamed, yelled, whined as hell. Now, we have really improved and I can meet them again without he getting crazy. The situation is getting better and better with every day, I'm working my ass of to overcome this. We're slowly getting better and i'm very proud! What are your experiences with this? I mean I knew they are vocal, when they greet you after not seeing you the whole day, I expected that he'll howl when left alone or when he hears a siren, but he never does. He just screams over exitement, in vary situations. When I meet some friends I always tell them to ignore him, and when he starts showing the signs of excitement and starts whining, screaming, I simply pull him on heel, and go forward, calmly but firm, then I focus him to look in my eyes saying "watch me" I think we're gonna make it. How are you guys dealing with it? Any experiences? I just push him into situations like this. He's very stuborn at this. Previous week I worked intire week with him, I was at my friend's, and we wanted some time for ourselves after a very long walk, my friend has a farm, with a lot of animals, 3 pyrenees dogs and they run all day long. So we put them all in the kennel. Conan was the only one screaming the WHOLE day, I was stuborn and did not take him out after he seetled down and stop. But the next day he did it again, every day I tried, put him at the kennel when he was tired, never in the morning. Always after running. But he did not stop. I mean, when he stop for 5 minutes I took him out, so he would see if he's quiet, he comes out. But this could take all day and the next day he'll repeat. I'm a very stuborn person and I'll continue my work with him, I believe I can make it!! Since I don't have any other isuess with him. Otherwise he's one of the most obedient sibes I ever seen.
  13. I think it is possible. But it cannot be without a good breeder that starts teaching 5 week puppies . My breeder taught each of the pupps what's their name and what word 'come' means. I got Conan at 8 weeks. I start working on recall almost the first day I got him. He is 1 year old now. We've been through a lot of work, socialisation, recall from different dogs, animals, different places. Here's some of our work: As a puppy With my other dog and a cat With other animals VID_20190624_200855.mp4 VID_20190723_210140.mp4
  14. Conan is celebrating his first b day today! More of us gas stations with e85 fuel near me Conan's parents Father Blue the nearest pnc bank host image for free Conan's mother Bella imghost Conan's older brothers and sisters Conan's family pulling sled ( Father, mother, older brothers & sisters, half sisers)
  15. Haha you have made my day! Thank you ❤️ Soon, we're going to sea side on Croatia, I will post some sea pictures when we got back
  16. Awww, you guys are all so sweet! You were all very kind and you all accepted me with kindness.❤️ Thank you so much! There's no magic trick actually 😉Only daily work, concistency and never giving up. Almost immediately after I got Conan I start teaching him to sit and wait. First at home, without distractions, on leash. Step by spet. Word "stay" step back, treat. Constantly repeating, step by step, each time further. Then going outside and teaching him in nature, first without any dogs, animals, people. After he got it I started practicing with Sky and Flynn. Then we went on friend dog meetings and practicing with group of dogs jp morgan chase near me
  17. NOTE: In the beggining, first few pictures and part of the post, is almost one year old , I'll copy paste it, so I won't have to rewrite it again Me and my Conan are new here. I think this forum is amazing, I'm reading it over a year now, when I finally got my first husky I decided to register. Conan. In Celtic origin meaning "little wolf" and in the form conan means “”little warrior.” That's what he is, wolf by soul, warrior by nature. Dream catcher because he caught my dreams. Ever since my samoyed Nala died I wanted a siberian. She was my first dog and she passed away almost 2 years ago. I always admired northern breeds and they always had special place in my heart. I always wanted a husky but I was scared because they are not the easiest breed to have. When I was finally ready I did my research and find best possible breeders and future puppy for myself! So, a year ago I reserved my first husky puppy. That was a year of waiting, planning, looking for all important details and informations for this special breed, meeting husky people and their dogs. And finally Conan is here! He is now 3,5 months old and he lives with my 2 years old white swiss shepherd girl Sky and 1 year old maine coon Flynn. They love each other! He is stable, fearless, loves all people and dogs, so far we're doing great with his recall, he comes immediately, he has a very good focus on me, heeling is something he masters. I'm a photographer so he is learning how to wait and pose on different locations and objects...Sky helps him on this one since she's natural Conan & Sky Conan is so far amazing, beautiful, clever pup and I love him! Conan 2 weeks old, my first visit and photography Second visit, 6,5 weeks old First days in new home Conan's first travel to Croatia I'm very proud of Conan and Sky, because I made them both stay on the rock. For Sky this isn't a big deal, she is natural talent, but for a small husky puppy, it's not an easy task. But they both did it ❤️ Conan with Sky and Atila the czechoslovakian wolfdog pic uploader Other And one more of Conan and Sky Conan is now almost a year 😄 We're still doing very well. He has a great recall, we started doing pulling (longboard) in which he's great. He pulls on comand "hike" and stops when I say. I trust him. We've been doing a lot of socialisation He's great with horses, sheep, goats, cats My three Maine Coon Flynn, sib Conan and white swiss shepherd Sky Conan is great off leash and he is a true photo model! More of our days and life
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