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  1. Thank you so much for your kibd words! I very much appreciate it.
  2. Hello everyone I would really appreciate some advices. Conan is my third dog ( I had samoyed for almost 10 years, now I have berger blanc suisse together with Conan) and I've never seen anything like that. Everyone who knows me and my dogs, knows how much devotion and time I put in them. Let me tell you something about our life. Conan gets 3 walks per day, we hike, he do canicross, we go skateboarding, swimming, he plays with my other dog, meeting with my friend's dogs... 3 times per week we do 22-24km hike. Usually Conan is active with me and Sky ( BBS) at le
  3. Thank you soo much for your feedback and kind words ! This year was one of the most difficult years for me, I've lost someone that stood years by my side, then he stabbed me in the back, also I'm working on my future job, taking classes. Had some family violence isuess, etc. I can say I came out as a better person, stronger than ever, I finally found myself, I now know what I want. I'm living my life without some people that I couldn't imagine my life, now I'm doing great and see how toxic certain people were and I finally see, I'm better off without them. Animals helped me t
  4. I thought it would be lovely to share our summer adventure this august ❤️ Conan&Sky loved it! This year is something special. It's full of "first time to do things."And this summer brought many new opportunities, which I wouldn't miss for nothing. This year is also a year of changes and self growth. I did it all. I growth as a person, I would like to say I become wiser, but this wouldn't be the right word . But sure, I did become crazier and I don't worry that much anymore. I become ' I don't care, I'm just gonna do it' and ' I don't want to regret anything, so I'll try everything' pers
  5. My friend and I both share the same passion. Siberian huskies, photography and hiking! We took our dogs and went on a 23km hike! Days like this truly fill full your soul. Hanging out with one of my best friends and a pack of well behaved amazing dogs, which we adore. Spending time in the middle of nowhere, nature was so beautiful yet mysterious. I truly shined today, so happy and glad to have people like this in my life. To have a ability to live this amazing journey!
  6. I started working with Conan "heel" and focus on me when I got him, at 8 weeks. With lots of rewards and praise. I never had issues. Also it helps because he knows that when he's on collar is heel walking time, when I put harness on him it's time for: * Don't mind for beggining of the video, it was made for fun, we enourage him to pull of the road, to make video more fun He is actually very good at pulling. He knows musher comands, he'll never pull when not told to, and he stops when I say so.
  7. My friends invited me to watch their farm and their animals while they were away. Randomly we found this beautiful place! It was truly breathtaking. Days like these keep reminding me of how beautiful life is and that you have to live every day like it's your last. This year was hard for us, but places like this give me energy and motivation to move on and truly LIVE!
  8. Omg, I love Floki! He's beautiful! My shepherd Sky, does it too! She would just crawl in your lap and you'll must hold her in the water 😉 Look at this, my new video of Conan talking 😂this is soooo cute. This is the only kind of talking, whining that I LOVE! ❤️ One of the reasons why I wanted this breed tho.
  9. Hi, Kelly 🙋‍♀️ You have a beautiful boy over there! They are such a gooffy funny brats 🤣 Yesterday Conan jumped into the really big pound and swam all around it, when he got out he got into his crazy happy state and was running around in circles barking and jumping all over the place Such a happy pup, we celebrated his first birthday Look at him 😁 video-1565269342.mp4 And this is how annoying he sometimes gets when we stop the car video-1565269465.mp4 This is him and me, when my friend came over. I don't have the whole thing, just
  10. I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
  11. Conan and I , spent his first birthday on 20km walk, it was amazing! Great bonding time. He was absolutely stunning, posing like a pro around many people, dogs, in the city.
  12. Hello world I'm a newbie and I just love your forum! You've all been so open and friendly to me, which I appreciate most. I have some questions about husky whining, screaming, howling etc. My boy is very sweet, he just turned 12 months. He's very obedient, I have none of the problems that husky owners have. He hasn't destroyed anything, he has a very good recall, he's perfect off lead, he does not pull on lead, he knows basic comands as sit, wait, heel, paw/other paw, five, beg, roll over, stand, and musher comands ( gee, haw, hike, whoa) He also is my photo model (I'm a
  13. I think it is possible. But it cannot be without a good breeder that starts teaching 5 week puppies . My breeder taught each of the pupps what's their name and what word 'come' means. I got Conan at 8 weeks. I start working on recall almost the first day I got him. He is 1 year old now. We've been through a lot of work, socialisation, recall from different dogs, animals, different places. Here's some of our work: As a puppy With my other dog and a cat With other animals VID_20190624_200855.mp4
  14. Conan is celebrating his first b day today! More of us gas stations with e85 fuel near me Conan's parents Father Blue the nearest pnc bank host image for free Conan's mother Bella imghost Conan's older brothers and sisters Conan's family pulling sled ( Father, mother, older brothers & sisters, half sisers)
  15. Haha you have made my day! Thank you ❤️ Soon, we're going to sea side on Croatia, I will post some sea pictures when we got back
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