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Home alone

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Wish to hear your guys thoughts on this, when we got our puppy i was off for 5 weeks but now im back to work. I do 2 weeks 730 to 330 and 2 weeks 330 to 1130 my wife works 8pm-4:30am most days and sleep at 7AM  to 2pm  because our puppy is still not bathroom trained (she getting better) we keep her out of the living room when no one is home or up that gives her the hall way until my wife wakes up. at night she can come in to our room snice she's nominally not to playful at that time. Is this ok tho or am i hust over thinking it.


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I think that is perfect.

Only because I do the exact same thing.

If mine are left in any room alone, they would find something to get into.

When no one is home all doors are shut and the kiddy gates block them from the kitchen and living room.

It is the piece of mind of them potentially not eating something that could seriously hurt them that out weights everything else.

Plus they have more room in the hallway then if they were in their crates and they don’t seem to mind.

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