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  1. Wish to hear your guys thoughts on this, when we got our puppy i was off for 5 weeks but now im back to work. I do 2 weeks 730 to 330 and 2 weeks 330 to 1130 my wife works 8pm-4:30am most days and sleep at 7AM to 2pm because our puppy is still not bathroom trained (she getting better) we keep her out of the living room when no one is home or up that gives her the hall way until my wife wakes up. at night she can come in to our room snice she's nominally not to playful at that time. Is this ok tho or am i hust over thinking it.
  2. What a cutie lol srry no tips im in the same boat and welcome
  3. Thanks for that made me and my wife laugh
  4. Hello thought I would share a fun story. Our power went out today and with it being too hot for us we went to my mom's who has my little Mallow's brother Nova. When we got there the first thing they did was eat from the same bowl. After that 3hrs of rough housing it was nice seeing her hvbe another pup to play with. By the end of it both were whipped right outso good trip.
  5. Hello everyone my husky Mallow has been getting a bit nippy as of the last 3 days. Now she will be 10 weeks on Tuesday if it was just me and my wife i would be fine with it to a point. The issue is i also have a 4yr son and 4 cats one of whom likes to play with her. I know mulost of it is in my head and the my cat Ratchet and Mallow love to play together but i worry she may bite to hard one day. Plus as i said with my kid she tends to nip at our feet when she wants to play. Any time she does this i tell her know and grab a toy her favorite is tug a war but she would she nip if some one walks by. Any tips to crove this behavior would be great down blow i include photo of Ratchet and Mallow for you to enjoy as well.
  6. Thank you i will keep that in mind. We do keep the bathroom door close and the bedroom doors closed but we have our room open at night.
  7. American akita and patience i know is a big part. Its been less then a week now since we got her and im more amazed at how smart she is. As of now she comes to her name, she gets sit right 75% of the time comes when ask and when told to stop doing something more then not she will listen. Right now we are out back waiting to go the bathroom and she's just laying down by my feet. It's a nice night right now so i plan on letting chill like this for abit
  8. Hey my names devin im new to owning my own husky and have a 9 week old husky with a bit of akita in her. So far she's a great dog listen well takes to training pretty good and even love our one cat. But we are having issues with nipping and peeing every to she goes in to a new room. Tho she is young and just started her training and nothing change over night. Now i have read alot in to training and watched some videos but im always up for hearing from other people. As of now her routine is wake up at 5AM to go pee and for a walk around the block( will be long when she's older), then gets half a cup of dog food 3x a day with treats for training she is let out every 2hrs and anytime she has high energy we play with toys. I look forward from learn and share our experiences with everyone
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