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BingBlaze n Skyla

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Ok so not a pet per say but we all come from different places in the world, has anyone snapped some pics of local wildlife, share them here default_smile.png
This is probably the best pic I've taken of any kind of wildlife even tho it's just a dragonfly lol (you might need to zoom in lol)
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Some of my favorite calls for service.

Abandon baby goats


Someone asked if they could have the trophy. Stoodgard most of the morning to ensure he got home.  


Bachelor group playing frogger with passing cars... Teenagers 😖


This was a hit by car. Once she realized she was going to be dispatched, jumps up and says nope. I am all good. 😜


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These are very cute pictures and I'm planning to share mine soon when I get my hard drive back.
We love exploring forests with my hubby a lot and have some great pictures to share now and then.The only thing I don't like is snakes to be honest. Every time I see one in the forest I panic and start screaming. If it weren't for my husband I don't know what I would do. The other day we had a rattle snake in our backyard and I just ran in the house and called
https://tulsa.aaacwildliferemoval.com/ to come and deal with the situation. 

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