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Introduce your other pets

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A lot of people have other pets and don't post up because this is a husky forum , so we've had a picture thread how about going through and introducing all your other pets properly
Names , why you gave them that name, their age , rescue or not etc let's do a fun little bio for all our other fur or scale babies
Bandit , named such because she had a mask over her eyes , 2 years 7 months old roan (husky) rat
Loves eating , being naughty and stealing from her sisters
Hates baths , kisses and when you take food off her
Doe , named after a character in a book , 2 years 7months old black berkshire rat
Loves being left alone but will come for the occasional cuddle
Hates baths and being woken up
Ratatta , named after the rat Pokemon because we were stuck after naming 4 others lol
2 years 7 months old, black berkshire rat
Loves getting into trouble , food and stealing
Hates her medicine and kisses
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Jemm 4 year old Akita X German shepherd. Totally a mum's girl. Loves to be kissed on the cheek, likes bullying her big little brother, loves tennis balls  eating sardines, hates car rides loves teddies likes watching wolves on tv


Bruce (back ) & Lucky Big little brothers to jemm (same litter) 

Bruce loves being told is a good boy, im almost certain he was a human in a past life. And sure he can read minds, he is Very very chilled out, hates confrontation, loves scaring the crap out of our postman by giving one almighty deep bark EVERY morning, whilst smiling and wagging his tail. Will "hit" you if you stop tickling his belly and kick you and huff if your not doing it right or has had enough. 

Lucky, is a grumpy git! And lazy..  Lays on our bed pretty much all day (apart from morning & evening walks toilet time and food) snoring his head off does a low grumble if disturbed. Loves carrot and a cube of cheese as reward, when he isn't asleep he is a bit of a clown and hyper active with a short attention span....during these moments i swear he has adhd, very vocal makes crazy noises. 


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I have many many pets so this may take a while


To start my precious lil girl Roo. She is a standard grey chinchilla, who I rescued from a terrible home. She was living in some guys garage with no human interaction, no exercise, poor quality food, limited hay, nothing to chew, and living in a hamster cage. She is about 3 years old now and my precious girl. 

Next is Pumba(black tabby) and Timon(orange tabby). These two were found, abandoned in a barn together. They are biological brothers and are turning 1 soon.

Next I have my bio active aquarium. We have a couple exotic fish in here including a black ghost, an elephant nose, and some loaches

Next we have my many many birds. Featured in these pics are (not in order) Eclair, Cream, Hershey (aka Aladdin) and his siblings, S'mores, Brownie, Jelly Bean, Starburst, Junior (mints), Vanilla, Yorkie(York), Sugar and Dove

Next I have my two African Fat Tailed Geckos, Misty(lighter) and Mountain(darker). They are about 4 now turning 5. They were my first pets and hopefully I will build a bio active terrarium for them in the near future. 

And Finally my two gorgeous huskies, Maximus (bi-eyed) and Leia(blue eyes). Maximus is a 3 year old Husky/Malamute mix came from a shelter where he was there for a month and a half. He was adopted out 3 times and returned. A shelter volunteer took him in as a foster with her husky/malamute mix. Luckily this shelter has a no euth list policy and save every dog. Max was in an abusive home where nothing was stable or consistent. Due to this he is a bit resource possessive but is getting better. When we got him he was 30lbs under weight. He is now healthy at 80lbs. We have had him for a year and a half now and he is happy and healthy. He loves going on walks and exploring. He loves belly rubs and nummy treats. 

Leia is a (we think) purebred Siberian husky who came from a dirty unclean shelter. She was found as a stray at 8 months old and was at the shelter for 2 months. She was put on the euth list due to medical issues and kennel anxiety. Another shelter came in a rescued her then finally adopted her out to a family. This family had an older border collie, who they thought would act younger with a puppy in the house. This made him worse and he attacked Leia. She spent the next few weeks in a kennel tethered outside. When we finally found her we took her to our vet where they found tapeworm, a parasite called Giardia, and two different kinds of blabber stones. She was treated for the parasites and is now on a prescription food for her bladder stones. She is incredibly loving and loyal dog who loves running and exploring. She greets everyone with a lick to the face and gets along with everyone. We got her in September (so 6 months now). 

IMG_20200107_110045103 (1).jpg

IMG_20191218_134552924 (1).jpg

IMG_20191218_134131624 (1).jpg

IMG_20190516_154448741 (1).jpg

IMG_20180921_151500673 (1).jpg

IMG_20180926_225105050 (1).jpg

IMG_20181015_111731153 (1).jpg

IMG_20181115_104041055 (1).jpg

IMG_20181203_092235651 (1).jpg

IMG_20181201_183846816 (1).jpg

IMG_20181129_083454546 (1).jpg

IMG_20180920_214546636 (1).jpg

IMG_20191119_220826029 (1).jpg

IMG_20191113_132211524 (1).jpg

IMG_20190429_180223031_HDR (1).jpg

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