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Introduce your other pets

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A lot of people have other pets and don't post up because this is a husky forum , so we've had a picture thread how about going through and introducing all your other pets properly
Names , why you gave them that name, their age , rescue or not etc let's do a fun little bio for all our other fur or scale babies
Bandit , named such because she had a mask over her eyes , 2 years 7 months old roan (husky) rat
Loves eating , being naughty and stealing from her sisters
Hates baths , kisses and when you take food off her
Doe , named after a character in a book , 2 years 7months old black berkshire rat
Loves being left alone but will come for the occasional cuddle
Hates baths and being woken up
Ratatta , named after the rat Pokemon because we were stuck after naming 4 others lol
2 years 7 months old, black berkshire rat
Loves getting into trouble , food and stealing
Hates her medicine and kisses
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Jemm 4 year old Akita X German shepherd. Totally a mum's girl. Loves to be kissed on the cheek, likes bullying her big little brother, loves tennis balls  eating sardines, hates car rides loves teddies likes watching wolves on tv


Bruce (back ) & Lucky Big little brothers to jemm (same litter) 

Bruce loves being told is a good boy, im almost certain he was a human in a past life. And sure he can read minds, he is Very very chilled out, hates confrontation, loves scaring the crap out of our postman by giving one almighty deep bark EVERY morning, whilst smiling and wagging his tail. Will "hit" you if you stop tickling his belly and kick you and huff if your not doing it right or has had enough. 

Lucky, is a grumpy git! And lazy..  Lays on our bed pretty much all day (apart from morning & evening walks toilet time and food) snoring his head off does a low grumble if disturbed. Loves carrot and a cube of cheese as reward, when he isn't asleep he is a bit of a clown and hyper active with a short attention span....during these moments i swear he has adhd, very vocal makes crazy noises. 


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