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  1. My husky is about 40lbs and i feed her about 1-2 cups per day. My other one is a husky malamute mix and he will only eat 2 cups a day total and he is 80lbs. We figured she Leia is half his weight to half her food but as we have had her we realized that she has a higher metabalism that Maximus. I think she should be eating 2 cups a day. If anyone can confirm that it would be appreciated. Also noteworthy they get a lot of exercsie. Morning walk: 20 minutes Afternoon walk: 1-3 hours Evening walk: 20 minutes
  2. Ok we brought home a 10 month old husky puppy 6 months ago and had similar issues. First and for most I would take her to the vet. She sounds a lot like our husky and if thats the case I would get her to a vet. The reason for this is she it sounds like shes peeing a lot. This could be due to a UTI or bladder stones. Ours has bladder stones and huskies are proned to getting them. After she was treated for her bladder stones potty training became so much easier. At this point training won't do much unless she gets checked out by a vet. As for the training I would keep her on a leash 24/7. Continue taking her out every 30 minutes to an hour but no that she is on leash you be there if she is showing pee indicators and immediately rush her outside. When she pees outside honestly go nuts. Throw a party. This has to be big. Your dog has to see that her peeing outside made you so happy that you are dancing and praising her. When she pee's inside look at her and say in a low tone "(dogs name" )no..bad girl" and point to the accident. Dopamine is released in a dogs brain when high tones are being used cuz they see that as excitement. But when you use low tones they know what they did didn't please you. Another thing you can try is literally walk her every 30 minutes to an hour and see if she wants to pee while on walks. If so, again throw a part show her that, that was a very good thing. One last resort you can do is there are these urine sticks that you place in your yard that encourage dogs to pee outside. This may take several weeks but be persistant. I also wouldn't try potty training through the crate cuz in my experience huskys dont respond well to that. As for the poop ask yourself how many hours after she eats does she poop. If she is pooping in the middle of night have her dinner come earlier in the day so she poops right before bed. Dogs are always consistent with their poop schedules as long as their healthy.
  3. I would say he looks pure husky but its the ears that are getting me. Malamute ears are far apart like his are but husky ears are much closer together. I would have to know how much he weighs at healthy to really know. My first dogs were huskies and the reason they say they arent newbie friendly is due to their stubbornness and 2 year old like behavior. They are smart dogs they just dont like to listen. They also have a habit of jumping over walls, digging, and getting so bored that they are destructive. If he recieves proper training, stimulation, and exercise this shouldnt be an issue. Also yes he will get used to you. AT a year they can still be considered puppies and he should be fine with you. My huskies were 2 and 1 when we first got them and they are perfectly fine with us and got used to use in no time. I live in Southern California where during summer it can get over 100 degrees. The trick is to always make sure they have water, keep some good quality paw balm near by (I would suggest mushers secret) as this will protect his paws from the heat, I would always bring water with you on walks, brush him out daily to get rid of the undercoat, and even take him swimming. Swimming is such a good form of exercise especially in the heat. Its actually better if he doesnt eat dry food since dry food is pressure cooked to such high degrees that all of the good nutrients is gone and all thats lefts is the minimum requirements of nutrients. Cooked or raw food is much better. As for portions calculating this would be hard but it does depend on a healthy weight and daily exercise. He should be eating between 2-3% of their wait per day. So lets say he is 60lbs then he should be eating 1.2-1.8 cups of food per day. As mentioned before he does look physically okay. His weight just by the pictures look fine. The best way you can tell if he is at a healthy weight is 1. you should see a visible waist line. If you look down at his back you should see a visible wasit. Also feel around for his ribs. You shouldnt be able to see them but with some pressure feel them. It is ok to change his name, as he is still young he should be able to pick it up quickly. Huskies are extremely loyal dogs just not the most obedient. If he is trained properly and is able to trust you he will remain loyal. Also note worthy they are not guard dogs so dont expect loyalty as protecting you in that sense. They love their familes as they are extremely pack oriented and they get along with people and dogs in general just fine. One of my huskies was abused as well and it took some time to gain his trust but he is a loyal and outgoing dog. He loves us very much and while he is not always obedient is still a good dog.
  4. Hi I just wanted to share some pretty strange behavior that my sibe just displayed. So Leia was eating out of her Kong and I was working on my computer when Leia looked up from her food and stared directly out my window. She immediately started howling which she only does when theres a stranger around. I get up to look out the window and see if maybe the gardeners were outside but nope, no one but me and Leia were around. I turned around to calm her down since her back fur was standing up but she just curled up into a corner of my room with her ears back. She turned her back on her food which is extremely odd for her and just layed there. I sat with her for a bit and calmly pet her and she was being very affectionate back but never left that corner. Even when I left the room, in which she usually follows, she stayed in that corner and refused to move a muscle. After a few minutes she continued eating but never left the corner. Now she is staring out the window (which is not uncommon for her to do) and glances at me every once awhile.
  5. Ok we started crate training and its doing fine when I am still in the room. She can stay there for hours as long as she can hear me, smell me, or see me. The second I leave tho she looses it. I even have family there with here to calm her down but she just wont. I can try your technique Chelseafan this week. Also I agree I am a huge fan of schedules and keeping animals on a consistent one. This is actually my schedule and we follow it pretty well with changes here and there do to how certain days pan out.
  6. I cant reccomend the Big Barker enough. Its memory foam and comforts a dogs joints. Ours is a Husky Malamute so he is 80lbs. The big barker is specifically designed for dogs who are 60lbs+ When larger dogs get older they are prone to joint problems and this bed fights that. Most dogs love it and its great and lasts forever.
  7. I would assume not especially if they pull. It could cause strain on your back which, when pregnant your back is already hurting. I would get standard leashes and just hold them. Of course tho this is a question for your doctor and I would go to him asking but just to be safe i would recommend standard hand held leashes.
  8. Yes I take my two huskies urban sledding and its a lot of fun! I go on a scooter/skateboard and after commands are learned it is soo much fun and cuts a 2 hour walk in half with them even more tired. Make sure tho you have the right equipment. They need a special harness that allows them and feels comftorable to pull. Also getting a bunji leash will help cushin the pull for you and your dogs. Also carry an emergency kit with you since you are on a big bike and some paw balm for the rough road
  9. awww! Yeah having puppies around the house must be great!
  10. LOL i showed my mom the puppies and she fell in love XD. We are a husky family
  11. I have many many pets so this may take a while To start my precious lil girl Roo. She is a standard grey chinchilla, who I rescued from a terrible home. She was living in some guys garage with no human interaction, no exercise, poor quality food, limited hay, nothing to chew, and living in a hamster cage. She is about 3 years old now and my precious girl. Next is Pumba(black tabby) and Timon(orange tabby). These two were found, abandoned in a barn together. They are biological brothers and are turning 1 soon. Next I have my bio active aquarium. We have a couple exotic fish in here including a black ghost, an elephant nose, and some loaches Next we have my many many birds. Featured in these pics are (not in order) Eclair, Cream, Hershey (aka Aladdin) and his siblings, S'mores, Brownie, Jelly Bean, Starburst, Junior (mints), Vanilla, Yorkie(York), Sugar and Dove Next I have my two African Fat Tailed Geckos, Misty(lighter) and Mountain(darker). They are about 4 now turning 5. They were my first pets and hopefully I will build a bio active terrarium for them in the near future. And Finally my two gorgeous huskies, Maximus (bi-eyed) and Leia(blue eyes). Maximus is a 3 year old Husky/Malamute mix came from a shelter where he was there for a month and a half. He was adopted out 3 times and returned. A shelter volunteer took him in as a foster with her husky/malamute mix. Luckily this shelter has a no euth list policy and save every dog. Max was in an abusive home where nothing was stable or consistent. Due to this he is a bit resource possessive but is getting better. When we got him he was 30lbs under weight. He is now healthy at 80lbs. We have had him for a year and a half now and he is happy and healthy. He loves going on walks and exploring. He loves belly rubs and nummy treats. Leia is a (we think) purebred Siberian husky who came from a dirty unclean shelter. She was found as a stray at 8 months old and was at the shelter for 2 months. She was put on the euth list due to medical issues and kennel anxiety. Another shelter came in a rescued her then finally adopted her out to a family. This family had an older border collie, who they thought would act younger with a puppy in the house. This made him worse and he attacked Leia. She spent the next few weeks in a kennel tethered outside. When we finally found her we took her to our vet where they found tapeworm, a parasite called Giardia, and two different kinds of blabber stones. She was treated for the parasites and is now on a prescription food for her bladder stones. She is incredibly loving and loyal dog who loves running and exploring. She greets everyone with a lick to the face and gets along with everyone. We got her in September (so 6 months now).
  12. Also its national puppy day so give those pups some love 😉
  13. wow Gorgeous dogs! Due to the brown eyes and coloring it leads me to guess that they might me Alaskan Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are mixes but are AKC registered. Alaskan huskies are mixes between siberian huskies, Malamutes, and/or german short hairs. If they are alaskan huskies then they can be considered purebreds by the AKC but are also considered mixes.
  14. They are so cute! I have 2 huskies already and would love a 3rd but my family will kill me XD. Let me know of the results. Very curious.
  15. First of all...can I have one! They are soo cute! Second I would say some are white and others are tricolored. Also are you sure is is purebed?? To me (just my opinion) She could be part Malamute. How much does she weigh? Just looking at her and the puppies she could be a mix and the puppies might to if the pregnancy was unexpected.
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