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  1. I cant reccomend the Big Barker enough. Its memory foam and comforts a dogs joints. Ours is a Husky Malamute so he is 80lbs. The big barker is specifically designed for dogs who are 60lbs+ When larger dogs get older they are prone to joint problems and this bed fights that. Most dogs love it and its great and lasts forever.
  2. I would assume not especially if they pull. It could cause strain on your back which, when pregnant your back is already hurting. I would get standard leashes and just hold them. Of course tho this is a question for your doctor and I would go to him asking but just to be safe i would recommend standard hand held leashes.
  3. Yes I take my two huskies urban sledding and its a lot of fun! I go on a scooter/skateboard and after commands are learned it is soo much fun and cuts a 2 hour walk in half with them even more tired. Make sure tho you have the right equipment. They need a special harness that allows them and feels comftorable to pull. Also getting a bunji leash will help cushin the pull for you and your dogs. Also carry an emergency kit with you since you are on a big bike and some paw balm for the rough road
  4. awww! Yeah having puppies around the house must be great!
  5. LOL i showed my mom the puppies and she fell in love XD. We are a husky family
  6. I have many many pets so this may take a while To start my precious lil girl Roo. She is a standard grey chinchilla, who I rescued from a terrible home. She was living in some guys garage with no human interaction, no exercise, poor quality food, limited hay, nothing to chew, and living in a hamster cage. She is about 3 years old now and my precious girl. Next is Pumba(black tabby) and Timon(orange tabby). These two were found, abandoned in a barn together. They are biological brothers and are turning 1 soon. Next I have my bio active aquarium. We have a couple exotic fish in here including a black ghost, an elephant nose, and some loaches Next we have my many many birds. Featured in these pics are (not in order) Eclair, Cream, Hershey (aka Aladdin) and his siblings, S'mores, Brownie, Jelly Bean, Starburst, Junior (mints), Vanilla, Yorkie(York), Sugar and Dove Next I have my two African Fat Tailed Geckos, Misty(lighter) and Mountain(darker). They are about 4 now turning 5. They were my first pets and hopefully I will build a bio active terrarium for them in the near future. And Finally my two gorgeous huskies, Maximus (bi-eyed) and Leia(blue eyes). Maximus is a 3 year old Husky/Malamute mix came from a shelter where he was there for a month and a half. He was adopted out 3 times and returned. A shelter volunteer took him in as a foster with her husky/malamute mix. Luckily this shelter has a no euth list policy and save every dog. Max was in an abusive home where nothing was stable or consistent. Due to this he is a bit resource possessive but is getting better. When we got him he was 30lbs under weight. He is now healthy at 80lbs. We have had him for a year and a half now and he is happy and healthy. He loves going on walks and exploring. He loves belly rubs and nummy treats. Leia is a (we think) purebred Siberian husky who came from a dirty unclean shelter. She was found as a stray at 8 months old and was at the shelter for 2 months. She was put on the euth list due to medical issues and kennel anxiety. Another shelter came in a rescued her then finally adopted her out to a family. This family had an older border collie, who they thought would act younger with a puppy in the house. This made him worse and he attacked Leia. She spent the next few weeks in a kennel tethered outside. When we finally found her we took her to our vet where they found tapeworm, a parasite called Giardia, and two different kinds of blabber stones. She was treated for the parasites and is now on a prescription food for her bladder stones. She is incredibly loving and loyal dog who loves running and exploring. She greets everyone with a lick to the face and gets along with everyone. We got her in September (so 6 months now).
  7. Also its national puppy day so give those pups some love 😉
  8. wow Gorgeous dogs! Due to the brown eyes and coloring it leads me to guess that they might me Alaskan Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are mixes but are AKC registered. Alaskan huskies are mixes between siberian huskies, Malamutes, and/or german short hairs. If they are alaskan huskies then they can be considered purebreds by the AKC but are also considered mixes.
  9. They are so cute! I have 2 huskies already and would love a 3rd but my family will kill me XD. Let me know of the results. Very curious.
  10. First of all...can I have one! They are soo cute! Second I would say some are white and others are tricolored. Also are you sure is is purebed?? To me (just my opinion) She could be part Malamute. How much does she weigh? Just looking at her and the puppies she could be a mix and the puppies might to if the pregnancy was unexpected.
  11. She is a rescue so we don't know much about her other than most of her puppy life she was in a kennel. She does eat from a kong wobbler to slow her eating down.
  12. She hasnt been checked out yet. We do yearly checkup appointments and hers isn't for another 6 months or so. Unfortunately our other pup was involved in a car accident so our vet bills are high. When we initially got her we brought her in for a very through examination and they came back with tape worm, giardia, and two different kinds of bladder stones. They did blood work and they didn't say anything. Currently we are doing our best to not leave food out and have her under supervision at all time. A friend of mine works with kids who have pica and said it is a strong possibility that she has it. Her 'leave it' is better with non food items. If she is tested with pica and the results came back positive do you know of a treatment plan?? Is there medication she can take or anything we can do to help her get better?
  13. here are the better photos I said I would post IMG_20191210_155103697.jpg.30xvua8.partial IMG_20191210_155033774.jpg.gjlk75s.partial
  14. Hi I have a 1 year old Siberian husky who just eats everything. If you were to place a 30lbs bag of kibble in front of her she will eat it in 5 minutes (Im not joking). Her normal feeding she will eat about a cup of food in 10 seconds or less/ She will also dedicate her time to find food. She counter surfs and gets into the trash. Anytime we go on a walk her nose will be to the ground looking for food. We will even go to the dog park and if someone has treats in their pocket she will not leave that person alone. This was also just her being food obsessed but then it escalated. She would eat rewards cards, sticks, dirt and plants which was strange but not alarming, but when she starting eating lemons and rocks thats when I started getting concerned. Is it possible she has an eating disorder??
  15. Hi we rescued a 10 month old Siberian husky back in September. She is about a year old now and has quite a bit of issues. Now a lil background from her. She was found as a stray and was taken to a shelter and was there for 2 months. She ended up on the euth list due to kennel stress and tapeworm. She was rescued by another shelter, was there for a lil bit and then adopted out. This new family had a senior border collie, who, they had hoped, would lighten up a bit with a puppy in the house. This did not work. The border collie hated her and she spent the next couple weeks outside...in a kennel....tethered. So she hates crates now. We tried to crate train her and show crates as a positive environment by doing a number of things with the kennel throughout the day (of course encouraging her with food). However, nothing worked. Crate training for us is only used when we leave the house. The first time we put the crate inside and she broke out with ease. We actually put her back in later that day to see how she got out and she just used her paws to open the crate. So we put it outside and surprise surprise same results. Next we ziptied it shut.....she broke the zip ties. Next we decided to place a kong wobbler in there to distract her and success! Now yes she was sitting in a corner, in her own pee and poo but it worked.....the first time. Next couple times it failed badly. The last time we crate her I came home cuz I forgot something and I could here her whining in her crate. Next thing I heard was a blood curdling scream and silence.... Apparently she bent the metal crate and crawled out, hurting her back. Nothing to bad or vet worthy but you could tell she was hurt. So next we decided to keep her outside with a 6ft long tether.....she broke it. Then we thought lets just let her outside by herself. Well she broke the window and got inside the house. Now if we leave her outside unattended (off leash) she jumps the wall....we have a 6ft wall. Now here is what happens when we leave her inside by herself. First Im going to mention the pee and poop EVERYWHERE. Even if she just went both somehow there is still enough to go everywhere in the house. Next she goes through the trash and eats God knows what and we come home to trash everywhere. She also jumps on all the counters and breaks dishes and eats anything she can find. One time we had just bought a new pack of toilet paper and she pulled it off the counter and broke open the package and ran around the house tearing the toilet paper everywhere. The last and final time we left her at home alone was when she ate 50$ in cash she had found on the table. During all of this our other dog just sits and watch or barks at her. I want to say this is a mix between separation anxiety and pure utter boredom. We know she has separation anxiety cuz when I leave the room and she cant follow she looses it. Door closed....she opens it. She follows me around the house and she has a no closed door policy. Next is her counter surfing. This is more like food obsession than anything else. If there is food in the room she cannot focus on anything else, which is usually a good thing, but not her. We actually have hidden kibble in the room and she will dedicate the next (how ever long it takes her) to find that food. If you were to place an entire 30lbs bag of dog food in front of her she will eat it in 5 minutes (I am serious). Her normal serving she will eat in 10 seconds or less depending the day so now she eats from the kong wobbler. She also sidewalk surfs which is starting to get better. Anytime we go out for a walk her nose is to the ground sniffing for food. She will eat napkins. rewards cards, paper paper plates, glass bottles, sticks, dirt, plants, and even lemons and rocks.....All of which Ive had to pull out of her throat. I taught her 'leave it' which has helped with the sidewalk surfing, but that is it. As for the counter surfing/trash digger, it has not even put a dent in the issue. You cannot leave her alone when food is out. We have a 'no dogs in the kitchen' rule....she doesn't care. Her counter surfing is soooooo bad that I could be preparing food on the island and she jumps of and trys to grab what I have...(and she is the most behaved when I am around). We cant even eat dinner without her on leash now. And with the trash, she somehow nudges it open with her nose and does a head first dive in and grabs whatever she can and takes off. Unfortunately, we cant afford a trainer right now cuz our other one was in a car accident and needed a 5,000$ surgery. Any tips or training advice will help so much!
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