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  1. I havent a clue!! . It's a rock with Crystal's on it. I would say it's most likely limestone because seven million tons of limestone where removed from it and its quarries to build a breakwater if that helps at all.. they all
  2. Why is she doing it though they have so many toys and enrichment tools They all see to love it it's just a rock Haha
  3. I'm a newbie (ish) too I've had mine 10 months now.....but I'm sure she is mixed with something else I'm not fussed though she is a babe totally a mummies girl. She follows me everywhere She is a bit weird with my stuff too (and husbands sweaty socks 🤢) she wont let my other dogs ear something she has attached herself too on a particular day.. today it's a new crystal rock formation my son and hubby brought back for me they found up a mountain.... I've just posted more about that in behavioral forum (titled baffled please help if anyone fancies a weird read 🙏) Hopefully you're adoption goes through..... Note on the cats thing......she is also very friendly with the neighbours cat....she plays with it and he reciprocated... see weird! This here after redoing her nose art 30 mins after I cleaned the day before off
  4. Ok this might be a weird one. I am a newish (10 months) owner of a husky. I have had a Japanese akita (deceased) and also 3 GSD X Japanese akita (kids to deceased akita) so I'm not exactly new to a larger breed of dogs and what it entails to be a responsible owner. So far my husky is coming in amazingly the others accepted her into the pack (one being like a mother to her) no problems there they get on fantastically. her training is coming on brilliantly, she is fab on the lead, recall is amazing! Commands such as stop, go, heel, sit, stay, paw, fetch, leave, all the usually basics she has mastered like a pro she is great......(noisy that's another story but GREAT!) Anyways here where I'm confused and totally baffled.....she is obsessed with a crystal formation thing my husband and son found on a local mountain. All of them are they all want to lick it and sniff it, but the husky. Well she is possesive over it she wont let anyone near it, she even went for her "surrogate mum"/best buddy growling when she tried to have a look at it.... they all seem to really love it but her in particular she wouldnt go to bed last night she lay in front of the TV stand where it is all night she is now laying in the kitchen because I've had to put it away in the cupboard. She is very much my dog (despite being a family one) I'm clearly her favourite she wants nothing more to please me and I showed utter joy when the boys brought it home could this be why she loves it so much??? Because she knows I love it she feels the need to protect it? Other than that reason I cant think of why she would be so obsessed with it. It the others they really seem to like ... I want to keep it out on the TV stand it's a stunning piece.n.. any insight into her (and theirs ) weirdness would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. 😍😍 beautiful babies you have
  6. Jemm 4 year old Akita X German shepherd. Totally a mum's girl. Loves to be kissed on the cheek, likes bullying her big little brother, loves tennis balls eating sardines, hates car rides loves teddies likes watching wolves on tv Bruce (back ) & Lucky Big little brothers to jemm (same litter) Bruce loves being told is a good boy, im almost certain he was a human in a past life. And sure he can read minds, he is Very very chilled out, hates confrontation, loves scaring the crap out of our postman by giving one almighty deep bark EVERY morning, whilst smiling and wagging his tail. Will "hit" you if you stop tickling his belly and kick you and huff if your not doing it right or has had enough. Lucky, is a grumpy git! And lazy.. Lays on our bed pretty much all day (apart from morning & evening walks toilet time and food) snoring his head off does a low grumble if disturbed. Loves carrot and a cube of cheese as reward, when he isn't asleep he is a bit of a clown and hyper active with a short attention span....during these moments i swear he has adhd, very vocal makes crazy noises.
  7. I usually do have wipes I'd just happened to run out not two hours before, I use sensitive too my shepkitas suffer dry elbows and never get dirty so i just dont bath them, on their birthday they go to the groomers, for the works, they swim in the sea about 3 times a week so always sea air salty fresh, I use the wipes mainly to wipe drool off them after they have rough housed or god forbid they got paws dirty they hate that, Oh my god I didn't even think about her knocking on the tap, luckily they are quite stiff and older style not the new give them a little push types. She loves a bath especially a god towel rub down and a cool blow dry, she moves accordingly so I get all the wet spots, she is nuts this dog I swear!
  8. Oh and she also loves to jump in the bath at the moment (right after I've cleaned it usually) and play with the plug, or jump about, ... WHY? She has a box spilling over with toys and is walked twice daily with extra trips to wherever I am going on foot we have lots of lead training and command training going on with at least one of the other dogs so she can learn by example she is doing fantastic. She is very very intelligent, she loves to Please! Is constantly playing with one of her pack mates, Surely she cant be so bored she wants to jump around the bath
  9. Thanks 2huskyfun So it's not just meka being naughty then... haha. I had run out of wipes so I just used a clean flannel and some mild diluted baby shampoo and thoroughly rinsed her as i was out of fog shampoo after she rolled a few weeks ago. I don't think I could ever go back to a small breed now after we got our first akita, (we took or an addict who was mistreating her) she was the best dog ever, her kids and meka are equally as awesome too. Can't have kids (do have a step son) so the dogs are literally the kids I can't have love them so much
  10. Hi all As the title states I am new to the husky breed. I currently have a 6 month old Siberian husky called meka. I think there may be something else in her blood line as she has brown eyes and looks a bit different. But im not bothered, I also have 3 Japanese akita x German shepherd (shepkita) all siblings two boys and a girl. We recently lost their mum, (july). So i am it new to a larger and dominant breed just huskies themselves. Meka settled in great with the pack they adore her. Does anyone else's husky roll in gross stuff. My others have never done it they don't like even getting her paws dirty but meka is loving rolling in anything smelly and gross at he moment and also obsessed with worn socks doesn't bother with clean ones
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